Tap. Tap.


Tap. Tap. 

Distant sound from above

Kept silent within a fragile soul

Tap. Tap. 

Drowned out through fear and love

A wind beyond a persons control 


Tap. Tap. 

The baying of the storm

Branches frolicking on every gust

Tap. Tap. 

Long shadows start to form

Fickle weather displays it’s disgust


Tap. Tap. 

When will it cease?

How does the window not shatter every time?

Tap. Tap

Darkness within, fearing a release

As the peace is shattered in my mind


Tap. Tap. 

Glass explodes within its rage

The storm whistles through empty eyes

Tap. Tap. 

Anger escapes its fiery cage

Smashing all that it touches with its cries


Tap. Tap. 

The storm is let loose

The fire, the fury, the furore

Tap. Tap

Through insatiable abuse

Frustration angrily reaches its glory


Tap. Tap. 

There’s nowhere to turn.

No escape from the pain it spreads

Tap. Tap. 

As the world starts to burn

All placations are torn to shreds


Tap. Tap. 

The clouds roll past and the winds subside

As tranquility restores the mind

Tap. Tap. 

Regrets form like tears and fall like pride 

Promising no more, promising nothing. No next time. 


Tap. Tap. 











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Martin Elder

Mon 7th Jun 2021 08:59

I like the regularity of Tap Tap in the verses which almost give a sense of urgency.
Nicely done

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