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It's cold outside, there he is.
Standing in the snow with the letter from his father.
Just found out it was his last letter from his father, regretting for that silly fight about christmasday.
Realizing that is was his last christmas.
Walking between those fast cars thinking and thinking.

What if I stop?
Is it all worth it?
Was it all worth it?
What should I do?

There he was, looking ...

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Once a few million years ago, in thrones were the giants  
Herbivorous, carnivorous with razor sharp teeth
They wore no precious jewels nor clothes of silk
They hunt their fellows for food, oh the roaches seen it all

The world metamorphosed,  puny organisms born
Rid of feathers and  razor sharp teeth- 'harmless' they thought 
Even roaches pitied the new guests 

Among lions and tigers, t...

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societydeathhumansnature poetry

Girls In Care

dust on her heart

cob-webbed her soul

weak eyes a toll of the hearts she stole


is she happy

counting the scalps?

yet mostly she scaled molehills, not Alps


easy meat, she

saw me coming

smile so sweet that chic chatter numbing


beauty's cool but

not forever

her sheen soon broke free of its tether


snug in wrinkles

a crown of wigs

her neck's...

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ageingbitternesscare homedeathenvygirlfriendslovers

Blind Date

a scarecrow screams

wood pigeons rise

they can't believe their beady eyes


across the fields

he stiffly strides

years of east winds in his sides


its love he lacks

he's getting old

he wants to come in from the cold


there was a cry

one of his own,

from miles away over walls of stone


what will she think?

is he her type?

imagines her framed ...

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blind datedeathlovemoorsscarecrowshotgun

Under The Old Whale Bones

If you can find your way back here
let’s meet
under the old whale bones
this place that we each love
Where we look out to sea
or back towards the sleeping town

One day, we’ll stand together
and unbeknownst to us
it will be
for the last time in our lives

Whichever of us, must go first
let’s make a promise to meet again
under the old whale bones
Hearts filled with feeling
and the b...

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roped together

on a cliff wall

keep going for there's doom should we stall


momentum counts

never look down

you look enchanting in your wedding gown


hope for no rain

dry grips better

black granite's awkward when its wetter


below is what

we left behind

up there who knows what we'll find?


the air is rare

birds swoop and cry

into ragged fea...

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days come and go

no stopping them

like leaves that wither on the stem


yellow they drop

no longer free

now mere atoms in eternity


we watch them fall

with them we go

flotsam on that tidal flow


a wave that climbs

into the sky

going none knows where or why


washing the stars

bathing black holes

dousing galaxies like blazing coals


is ...

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at rest at last

she sees no light

finally gave up without a fight


left no partner

or one to mourn

her destiny beneath stone and lawn


how did she live

for eighty years

yet leave behind a dearth of tears?


or is there life

beyond this vale

that gives a meaning to her tale?


maybe she got

her just dessert

to make up for a life of hurt



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The hurt of remembrance

Everything reminds me of you.
Something you bought me or a scent of perfume. 
The reflection in the mirror.
A song that I sing to. 
Words that I speak and phrases I use. 
Everything just reminds me of you. 
Places I go to that we adventured together.
Movies I watch that we enjoyed with each other. 
I know that my brother and sisters hurt too,
Because everything and anyth...

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Deathgriefgrievinghurtmissing someonemotherfatherremebrance

Room For One More

the church bell tolls

empty the hearse

I can't forget her final curse


sods fill the grave

I hear her words

in the elms shriek angry birds


they've all gone now

it starts to snow

her spirit just wont let me go


I rarely sleep

my life is tough

they didn't bury her deep enough


ten years go by

her plot's run wild

today's the funeral of our ch...

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I didnt do it

That pain in your chest when your crying at night tears pure white 

Show me the pain and insecurities you continue to shoulder 

So i can come in like the rude friend that doesnt ask to come over 

Knock shit over

Running in the dark until I fall off the worlds edge whose missing me anyway

I think about that everyday falling asleep waking up still in darkness 

Trying to harness 


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sad poetrydeathdepressionend of life

Don't let me forget

I am scared I will forget you.
Forget your voice. 
Forget your face. 
Forget your smell. 
Forget each moment. 
I walk on with my heart lodged in my throat. Wondering when it will make me choke. 
But how can I choke on a broken heart?
It's been in pieces since we have been apart. 

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What’s One More Cancelled Visit to a Man in his Grave?

Is my suitcase big enough?
Once clothes come out, will grief fit?
or will memories fill every crevice?

Packing boxes of a life once lived,
packing a suitcase of a life still living.
What selfishness, what obsession.

But it's time now, the train always coming,
and the impending journey, always one yet to come.

But who’s it for?
What would you say?
If this journey's too hard to take,


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How peaceful an ending
for Ophelia,
as the corpse of her insanity
floated amongst the lilly pads 
and flower petals
forever entangling her in
vines of poetic demise.

Why can’t all broken hearts die this beautifully.

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Your coffee

Where are you Mumma?
Your coffee is getting cold. 
You have missed out on so much. 
There are many stories to be told. 
Where are you Mumma?
Your coffee is getting colder. 
Time has just flown by.
My children are growing older. 
Where are you Mumma?
Making coffee is harder as I am so weak.
My body is slower and my bones do creak. 
Where are you Mumma...

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Mothers Lovegriefstrickengriefheartbrokenmumgrowing olddeathbereavement

Dear Death

Why must you? If I could just understand the reasons for your soul-reaping hand. 

Who decided the time was up? Or that we must endure this grief? Tell me, Death- Do you enjoy your role as loves thief? 

You broke my heart into pieces a few times before and now you've done it once more. 

I'm not sure I can forgive you for such dark spite because you've taken my world and turned out its ligh...

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LossgriefdeathbereavementDeath of a parent

Courage to Speak

I’ve finally plucked up the courage to speak,

to allow myself to stand up with the freaks

I’ve been sitting in my bedroom for too long

Waiting for the life i want to come along


Wondering if I am under control or lost

Thinking that I’d be better off dead, toast

Unsure how to be a mother to my child

As I’m always hankering for the WILD


I don’t mean just in terms of ...

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Speak outcouragelifedeathMothers Love


across the road she crouches and mopes

I can imagine us both in all sorts of capers

her dead husband's crane collapsed, the

tragic story splashed in all the daily papers


the width of a street yet a yawning gap

behind her the glow of a widow at night

my crane gleams in the moonlight clear

no metal fatigue affects its noble height


airborne pokes my rude steeple, a b...

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craneerectiondeathmetal fatigueobeliskarchhydraulic


Thunder roars through the empty halls

Lost, forbidden, in the dreams of the dead

Desolation descends to answer the call

Of petulance, compunction and dread


The horror of the night, haunts the moon

As it shines on the blackness of life

Earth disembowelled by all it consumes

Distorting truth, fouling Gods paradise


Death reigns hard, as love is defiled

His cloak b...

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Mr Handbag

Mr Handbag


The cackling sound 

of old led

sat and placed us 

with a person


It echoed out his life

and coughed up

three CD’s


so we sat.


darkness and fingernails

ran out of the room

leaving only me 

with Mr Handbag


his corduroy sweatpants

leaked receipts

covered in syrup

or was it marmite?


my heart began to bleed



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victimsmusiccdhandbagsdeathheart attackslife and deathmarmitesweatpantsvans

Memento Mori

Your heart still beats

And the blood still pumps around

You can think and move

You can articulate your thoughts

But remember

You must die


You’ve not travelled much

And the world has hardly felt your touch

You’ve done nothing worthwhile to speak of

Time is running out

But remember

You must die


Then again, you’ve tasted the breath of freedom

And seen ...

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A Silent Expiration (Borrowed Emotions from a Ringmasters Perspective)

Cover the mirrors 

Open the windows

Let the mourners in

Through the front door.


Gather around a wooden box

To witness an act

Played by a dead corpse


A tear here and a tear there

Enough to fill a bowl

To water the parched air.


Life is just a circular affair

Never eternal 

But not the end.

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borrowed emotionsdeathfunerallife and death

A love endless

Years ago, I heard about a love endless

Were the times,

When love was sprouting


Songs was inviting to fall in love

unbelievable love stories were written

The war had over

Giving passed to unexpected coming backs.


She was an adorable woman

Worthy daughter of his dedicated professor

He was a handsome man and brilliant student,

She was sweet, lovely, ...

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I'm A Believer

Death is the end of all things
Death is the end of pain and blame and shame,
of sun, of rain, of work, of play
Death is the end of night and day
It brings each one of us, the same,
to the end of everything.

I say Death is the end of all things
So we need to know that's where we go
Whether we want to, yea or no,
It is what existence always shows
No matter what else life may bring,

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meditationpath of lifedeathbeliefpeaceexistence

Way of life

You say I am a good person,
They say I am a bad one,
Forgetting that I am just a human being,
Just being what I am now.

Change is unstoppable, just like the flow of water,
People change, so does life,
Making sad almost all the time.
They say you are the one with wisdom,
I can only see you as the one with regret.

"Life is beautiful" as you state,
So why it becomes so hard living like ...

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The patient

"You have been here a few days now",

"Since Saturday", she replied

"And why did you come in here?"

"Because I attempted suicide"


She didn't have any worries,

She wasn't sad or happy,

It was blank, emotionless state,

Nothing to do, nothing got her interest,

Now been quite a few time living through this noiseless rhyme,

It was like a vegetative state, living in her mi...

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To a Late Friend

No more asking of “what” and “why”;

As always, silence replaces the weeping.

I keep repeating that you are not alive,

But you are not dead either, you are just sleeping.

I hear your steps on the staircase,

Your voice rushes in, then, the smell of your hair.

You smile at me, and I look through your face

As the cold of eternity fills up the air

And rests on the lifeless face ...

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When your soul returns to Ras Dashen

When your soul returns to Ras Dashen many years from now,

Time will stop to acknowledge your final descent.

Time will give no pardon.  Time will take no vow.

As a child again, you will walk through the land.

At the mountain foot olive trees are the same;

They were guarding your peace from below and above.

When the world seemed unfair – this is where you came,

This is where you...

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What Lies Beyond Truth?

Today's blog is a poem (well, two poems actually) where there are two versions of the poem and I have not yet been able to settle my feelings about which version 'wins'. I feel like there should stay two versions of it.


Version 1 – Personal

If Life will be what it has to be,
And Death will come when it comes,
And all the moments that I breathe
Happiness still is mine to give myself...

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Who am I?

Who knows? not I !

Perhaps, I'll find out

when I die

When in the ground 

cross armed I lie

and become 

the congregation spy

Will friends & family

sincerely cry

Or, perhaps pretend

and also lie?

Will I hear truths

I now deny?

Or, will they say

'Oh! What a guy!'

Will happy thoughts

of times gone by

Just turn to thoughts

of ...

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