A love endless

Years ago, I heard about a love endless

Were the times,

When love was sprouting


Songs was inviting to fall in love

unbelievable love stories were written

The war had over

Giving passed to unexpected coming backs.


She was an adorable woman

Worthy daughter of his dedicated professor

He was a handsome man and brilliant student,

She was sweet, lovely, kindhearted

He was Funny, friendly, and eloquent.


The inevitable happened

They fell in love

She loved his freshness,

his joyfulness, his novelty ideas

He loved her sweetness, her innocence

She was so different from the women she had known before.


Years passed it,

Kids, travels, houses,

Too much happiness,

Just can rouse envy.


From a dark corner

A broken heart was looking at them,

It was looking them with fascination,

Almost without notice

Her admiration was becoming envy

She wanted him to herself,

She wanted those staring, those attentions

She wanted to become his cause of adoration.


Years passed it

Envy won

Another woman took his hands

Finally, she got the house, other children.

Travel and money

But she never got his attention, his staring.

Life was full of noise

Parties, friends, meetings,

Music, business.

Time passed almost without him noticing.


Years passed it,

He run away to that life

He was trying to find

something lost time ago,

but the death found him

In a lonely highway

One woman

Supported by the law

got his death body,

His grave, his business

The other supported by her prays,

got his soul.             

Years passed it,

Today, while a woman lies in a bed,

Waiting for inexorable death,

Another heartbroken woman

Convinced that she will never get his soul

Signing a paper to return his grave

So, when the time comes

they will rest together forever.



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Stephen Gospage

Tue 9th Mar 2021 16:44

I was really moved by this. I could read it a hundred times. Thank you!

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