Memento Mori

Your heart still beats

And the blood still pumps around

You can think and move

You can articulate your thoughts

But remember

You must die


You’ve not travelled much

And the world has hardly felt your touch

You’ve done nothing worthwhile to speak of

Time is running out

But remember

You must die


Then again, you’ve tasted the breath of freedom

And seen the beauty of the skies and oceans

You’ve tasted wine and the lips of a loving woman

Not a bad life really

But remember

You must die


It’s a pity really

Now that things are coming together

for knowledge and understanding

Only come with time

But remember

You must die


So maybe it’s time to make a move

Make something of yourself

Produce a great work of art

Either way you really need to start

But remember

You must die


◄ England in My Head

Steve ►


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Steve Higgins

Tue 25th May 2021 21:53

Thanks Aviva. The poem was in my notebook for a long time until I finally came up with that last verse. I reckon I was trying to tell myself something!
Best wishes,

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Thu 20th May 2021 20:54

This is great! I really enjoyed it. Although the earlier verses seem to say 'Even though you live, remember you will die' the final verse has the strongest message (for me) and it seems to say...

Until you must die
You must live

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