Rotten apple

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It's cold outside, there he is.
Standing in the snow with the letter from his father.
Just found out it was his last letter from his father, regretting for that silly fight about christmasday.
Realizing that is was his last christmas.
Walking between those fast cars thinking and thinking.

What if I stop?
Is it all worth it?
Was it all worth it?
What should I do?

There he was, looking ...

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Make you feel better

Let's look at ourselfs today, do you love you today?

Look again, what can we do better?

Look again, look good.

We kinda look good today, don't we?

Look at that smile hiding, those twinkly eyes.

If you look even better, we look beautiful.

But we already knew that because we are!

And we need to own it!



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Sometimes I look at a mirror and think I look beautiful.
Sometimes I go back and see a whole different person and want to stop the day.
Am I overreacting or just right?
Am I depressed or just wrong?
When you say you're depressed people will say you're wrong.
When you say you're overreacting people will say you're right.
But what will you say?
Why is it so hard to figure out what's wrong?

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