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"Cancel Couture"

Go home

Take a shower

Put on your brand-new Couture


Walking down the street as clean as can be

Though you know your character lacks such hygiene

Carefully avoiding anything that will dirty your all-white attire

Your outfit is custom made of course


But yet the inevitable happens

The same way you ruined the previous ensemble

Destroys any hope for salvage

And w...

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In The End

How can I cope with this devil on my shoulder, The heat is on but its making me colder, When I was younger it hoped I’d grow older, Started off small now it’s heavier than a boulder, 


You say I’m fine well I’m sick in the head, You say I‘ll cope well I’m sick of this mess, I don’t know how long I can stick with this stress, If it was my way then I would’ve writ this in red, 


I’m go...

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