don't hmu.

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youre a good little girl,

he types.

youre submissive arent you, 

he moans, over text.

he expects a beguiled, 

blushing emoji in response.

what he gets is three dots and an empty silence so loud he remembers what he is.

a greasy teen (21 years of age).

a lusty manchild looking for another child. 

he tells me im a cute and submissive girl, 

with luscious milk bags. 

breedable, motherly.

they turn my stomach. 

they curdle said milk.

i can imagine them on the other side of their screens,

hoping i give them something dirty and coy enough for them to work with.

i think my adverse reaction to their come ons is enough for some.

they speak in a language i do understand,

yet one that i cannot converse in.

not that they dont try to engage me in them. 


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◄ I couldn't think of another stanza

big girls don't cry except when it is absolutely not the right time to do so. ►


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