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I can see it in your eyes

I can feel it in your soul

The path seems so confusing and you just don’t know 

I tried to fight your battles

I tried to keep you safe

I tried to give you love but you just ran away

Then I opened my eyes and realized

The battle isn’t mine 

So I closed my eyes with a broken heart and cried 

And then I prayed to God that he shows you the way back ...

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BattleBroken heartsGodlightlovesadness



Pruned, miniature, shrub, bush or tree

climbing, rambling, wild, growing free

A natural beauty, with a heavenly bouquet

a gift of celebration for that special day

A silent token, that can represent so much

petals like velvet, soft and gentle to touch

Each colour signifies its own special meaning

a show of emotion and how we are feeling


Romantic red, a passionate l...

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In a world that is broken and full of crime and hate

There are people who still have faith

Faith that can move mountains and make things well

There are people who believe with all their heart that things can heal

They believe that with faith anything and everything is possible

Through pain, death, and brokeness we must always remember to have a little bit of FAITH

Let God take th...

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Breathe Again

"I can't breathe."

How those words
now haunt me. 

Suffocating reminder 
of the curse 
on humanity. 

I want no part
of this evil plan,
man against man.

Let me stowaway
with paper and pen 

until we get past 

to a safe place, 

where kindness,
compassion, love 
rules the land, 

where we can 
breathe again.  



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