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Ageless Heart

marching years wear

furrows in our faces,

pits and wan hollows

no denying the traces


our faces look like hell

wrinkles so eerily bold

yet our hearts are kids

that'll never grow old


your skin was like honey

hair smoother than silk

hands, soft and tender

shoulders white as milk


honey and silk no more,

hands crabbed and bent,

shoulders thin and...

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Thoughts racing fast

Heart beating 

You can’t seem to find your mind 

You close your eyes and hear the thumping beat 

Thumping,racing, thinking could this be 

Energies so strong you can’t sit still and  breathe 

Thoughts racing fast 

Heart beating 

You close your eyes and hear the thumping beat

Thumping faster, racing, thinking could this be 

You tell yourself breathe...

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A True Friend.

[ ] You're a friend through thick & thin with a heart full of gold & diamonds within.

[ ] A true friend whose honor I would always defend. 

[ ] A true friendship I hope will never end.

[ ] I pray to the universe you will always ascend.

[ ] A helping hand for you I will always lend.

[ ] Divided we fall & together we win.

[ ] I was truly blessed by the universe with a w...

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From A Clear Sky

She was like a breath of fresh air

Outspoken and straight as a die,

Her honesty was almost painful

Often it would make you cry


No hint of vagueness or deceit

Double meanings gone for good

Weasel words shown the door

With her I knew where I stood


Prevarications were not for her

She would let on the reason why

She never beat about the bush

She came true fro...

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On a cold winter's night

They sat, hand in hand

Ravaged by time

Old in design


Two dinosaurs

In a digital age

Still in analogue love

Upon a wireless hub


Sitting on a park bench

Beneath a full moon

At the end of their time

Bodies poised to resign 


As frost gathers around

They glisten as one

Hands intertwined

Old parchment defined


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Flo and Rose were lovers

they ran a florists' shop,

buds and lilies binding

a love they'd never lop


then Rose met a driver

new emotions but true,

she left Lily cut deeply

and eloped off to Kew


sick to death of flowers

Lily pined, got sick, died,

specified in her last will

no wreaths grave-side


her plot's tidy but bare

no blooms for her woes,


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Like a sweater 

It hugged me closer 

and never let me 


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The sounds of the ocean waves crashing as if they were  talking to me saying , " Breathe, be free."

The sound of the wind whispering in my ear, break your chains, run, run,run, don't you dare look back

My eyes closed, my heart beating fast, wondering when will the world stop spinning round and round

When will my light be free to shine

When will my soul be freed  from yours

When will...

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Protect me from this life.
The ailments of the things around me.
Set me free into the sky,
Shine light in the darkness that surrounds me.

I'm one man against the world,
Sometimes it seems hard to bear.
Sometimes I prayed,
But only the Devil responded,
And God wasn't there.

I fell deep into the pits,
Both alcohol and substance abuse.
The devil talking to me,
From this bottle im drinking...

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You my moon light,
Lit my world ablaze.
Spoke truth into my soul.
Pushed me to realise my dreams.
To conquer, my lifes goals.

You my sweet,

The reason to my days.
The purpose to my smiles,
The shelter from hailing rain.
My human form, of many desires.

Where are you now?

You my medusa,
Froze me stone cold.
Unable to move,
Until I had to let you go.

Closure, I never had.
Closure, I t...

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A Handle For My Pillow

I loved that soft pillow's

Safe cradle for my head

Nothing could hurt me

Protected from dread


After my parents died

Auntie took on my care

Left behind my pillow

More than I could bear


Never forgot that pillow

Not ever to be replaced

One of the traumas my

Troubled life has faced


Each of my later pillows

Joined a joyless queue

Until I shared y...

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My Crazy Diamond

Another song/poem. I wrote, and my sons friend and I recorded, its a bit rough cause it was recorded on his phone, but the words are mine.


My Crazy Diamond


As these words cascade upon the page

I feel a hole inside

Sometimes I shine like you

My crazy diamond.

All my friends say its good to have you back

But I’m not there

I’ll spend another day

Just staring at th...

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Memories In The Now

Your smile, your laughter was the light during the nighttime 

Your touch, The way your fingers would caress my soul 

Your voice , like soft melodies playing in my mind

Your time, if you had to say, it was well spent

Your life, was a gift; a small brown box draped in red ribbon 

our memories are embedded in my heart

I can feel it as if it were now. 



In memory of Chris...

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Oiling My Machinery

Never mind that romantic tosh

Love is nothing but a machine

Ignition is always the easy bit

It's not so easy to keep it clean


Spark plugs and pistons age

As we ride in country scenery

Remember water and tyres, but

Above all, oiling my machinery


Cylinders and connecting rods

Insist upon repeated lubrication

Keep handy your four-stroke oil

Available at the ...

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1000 Letters


I’ve written you 1000 letters

I’ve waited for you 365 days 

I’ve prayed to God a million prayers

But I realized now  it is all insane 

I realize now it was all in vain

I get scared to think of no longer loving you 

I get so scared that I pray for another way 

I pray that God makes me see that everything’s ok 

Love isn’t forever 

Love doesn’t always stay

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Dreaming Love 2016

So many thoughts that swirl around my mind, this feeling I've captured I dreamed to find.

It flooded in by a destined fate, the time had come after an unknown wait.

The moment we've now captured was overdue, naturally we entwined and knew what to do.

The days pass us by and the feelings grow high, the realness that shines creates an eternal tie.

I've never believed in the concept forev...

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Love’s presence 16

How I feel I can't find the words or ryhmes. Wouldn't be enough paper, wouldn't be enough lines. It started by means of nature and magical fate, a perfect time, an unforgettable date. You've taken my heart, my mind and my soul. Everything I knew and believed  I've parted and let go .

 I want it all, I want us to grow, I need to trust, I need to know. Your eyes take me to a content home of dream...

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Evil's Demise

What be-stilled the Demon?
Was it the rage that boils up from
centuries of fear all lived in a single night?
Or the boundless rivers of tears that
Flow -unchecked- from swollen eyes?
Neither will find you the success you seek.
For the demon thrives on both.
Fear is the food of the damned.
It nurtures the creatures created in pain
To give only pain in return.
Toss the fear aside,
And let...

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My Sweet Rose

My Sweet Rose!

Ujjal Mandal, India

O dear, you are my sweet rose
Taking thy kiss I want my lips to close.
You never bloom elsewhere 
Besides my heart's chamber.
O my love, come and take me
On thy rosy petals like a hungry bee

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Your tears shred my souls as 

shards of glass that rip through

tender flesh,

leaving my spirit gushing pain

like blood from an unchecked wound.

Only your smile can stem the flow

and heal the cause. 

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The Chapters I Remember

The book lies closed now

Gathering dust on a shelf

I look, but do not touch

That reminder of yourself


Better to imagine our life

Dream of better times

Envisage your lovely face

Hum your happy rhymes


Shady bluebells in spring

Red leaves in November

Bonfires and sparklers

The chapters I remember


More novella than novel

Not near enough pages

A ...

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I Want You

I Want You

I want you in my life;
more than anyone else.

I want to hold you;
till Earth fades away.

I want your kiss;
till we can’t breathe.

I want you;
while we live.

Just you;
till death.




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Rainbow Stripes

Mami's little princess

Papi's pride and joy

Mami taught her to be a good house wife

Mami taught her to be a smart girl

Papi taught her to think twice before saying yes to any boy

Papi taught her to be a strong and to be an independent girl

Mami's little princess 

Papi's pride and joy

The little princess grew up to like girls not boys

And Papi's heart broke

And Mami's ...

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Love Left Rusting In The Rain

It boded well in summer

Blue skies and endless sun

When love adds sheen to

Bright days of endless fun


Seasons change like people

Happiness replaced by pain

Dark skies hiding sunshine

Love left rusting in the rain


Whispers like soft breezes

Promises of undying bonds

Magic painting hot dry air

Like fairies waving wands


Easy to envisage our bliss


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Thoughts' Pool


Lost into the pool of thoughts,

Thoughts of him with me...

Me, standing here for him,

Him, trying to make sense out of life...

Life, playing a pity game with us,

Us, still in love, deep love,

Love, may face lack of time,

Time will fly in a jiffy,

Jiffy, a moment of him & mine,

Mine, he will be...

Be forever!

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The Moon in the Cloud

The Moon in the Cloud

Ujjal Mandal, India

Why is the moon hidden in the cloud? 
She has fallen in love, no doubt. 
I want to say aloud
I love you O dear!
My love I want to share;
I can't hold the heavy heart here.

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Ah, My Heart Aches!

My Heart Aches!

Ujjal Mandal, India

The broken heart is like 
The broken glass. 
If once broken, none can see
The face. 
Ah, my heart aches!

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The Woes Of Needy Lovers

A threshold's always looming

That shifting balance of power

What starts off in life as love

Brings me to bend and cower


Its the woes of needy lovers

A world of yearning and pain

Wondering will she like me,

When shall I see her again?


I start off so firm and resolute

Dont repeat mistakes of old

This time it will be different

She'll do just as she is told


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