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Surreal Canvas

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Through the cuts of snares, nothing to rest till the evening swallows, these counterband thoughts, so wicked and hollow, that they make my heart full of pulse and out they go and strums the kingdom of never coming down boost, never to be me

so chased by gates that alter the heights, and by memories that sweep, or of a different time, whichever came first, only I was speeding against the horns o...

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Sunset Strip

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In choosing to pass
a valley to stars
(to have not and turned dark)
with none to lose
and the slipping memory chasing
the summer night,
as another of the outlier's mischief,
to have caught the directions
of the sunset strip
where the stairs creaked, and the ocean breathed

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Why is sweetness doing wrong

Why eyes that make the day seem long

Satisfied, bound, no longer free

Absorbed by a face, pure poetry


Why words that stay and overcome

Why no punctuation, overrun

The current and the wave are one

Unfurled, unbothered, I’m undone


Why velvetness of such a dream

Why unfettered beauty, smudged but clean

A little wire taut, is mean


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dreamscapeloveshort but sweet





The chameleon ran vertically, straight up the wall

and disappeared though a crack infinitesimally small

“Did you just see that”! The post man exclaimed

“Their the masters of disguise”, I quickly explained


Running across, peering through the small crack

The post man kept looking dropping his sack

“Stand back and wait quietly, he’ll soon reappear”

And ...

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To love

I thought I'd write one for you today,

A sweet poem, the sweetest I'd say.


As pure as as the virgin, As true as the tale.


As beautiful as you look to me, Everyday and every night.

Where did I find you ? I may never know and I may might.


I'd do it for you love, I'd do it for your sweet kisses, your little whispers in my ear,

Your breath on my neck and hand rumbling ...

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Icarian Malady

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When I found the time to be
I found that time had passed me by

When my dreams had set me free
Life set its bounds upon the sky

Should my spirit soar above,
My wings the blazing sun would pluck

Should my soul find love
You'd find my cards had no such luck

And though we know the end,
we jump into the cloudy veil;

we quest for dreams, though bound;
the seekers' hearts will thus preva...

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