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The Day After The Day of Days

In the memory of all the flames that ignited coastlines,
The strings of dazzling Christmas lights,
The long-forgotten chronic normalcy,
The countless ceremonial wreaths—

I realize that from one beginning to the next,
We often overlook the vast expanse of nothingness.
Our stories swing from one pole to its antipode. 
The aftermath, a distant folklore.

But every grocery store receipt,

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PoetrydayaftermathChristmasNew Year

Secretly Wanted

Just think of how the advert might have gone
Retired but not yet tired?
Got a few evenings spare?
Must enjoy outdoor activities
Uniform supplied.

Conscientious sleigh driver not afraid of heights
Must be kind to children
Good with animals,
Sense of humour required.

Perks of Job: Secluded accomodation,
World wide travel at the drop of a hat,
Guaranteed to keep you young at heart

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Christmas Wishes 2020

My wish this Christmas 

is faith replaces fear.


Loneliness gives way 

to cheer. 



trumps despair. 


Children play

in open air.


Loss is not in vain.


Love spreads faster 

than a pandemic train.


Wishes multiple. 


Glimpses of paradise 

in every day life, 

remind us why 

we are alive. 


# # #

What’s your ...

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Christmas Card Poem 2020

You say the snow is a magical thing
Coming down from the heavens like magic
Before joining up together on the ground
And Father Christmas throws it all down
Just to complete the experience

Drifting your happiness across town
Whether by car or bus
In-between two places on Christmas Day
When another downpour
Leaves the pair of us laughing

Telling each other ironically
It could only ha...

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ChristmasChristmas Card PoemWinterWinter Scene

A Better Christmas

so, a time for warm memories?

fond loved ones from the past?

Christmas 2019 one to forget

I thought it might prove my last


parrot strangled in trimmings

wife, shopping after a row, got

took short, skidded off the path

tree trimmed by a snow plough


house got burgled Christmas Eve

at which your festive spirit palls

he nicked the replacement spruce

complete ...

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christmasparrottrimmingsballsturkeycocaineDTsblow-up doll

Seasons Greetings 2020

It isn't snowing but the world is put on ice
Shivering and sliding and slipping by in life
Better get our skates on,
Better wrap up nice and warm,
Got to learn ourselves a new way to survive.

Thinking of the problems that are past and yet to come
Got that crushing tingling feeling, feeling numb
Better switch our brains on
Better struggle through this storm
Got to keep on going strong an...

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Christmascovid-19Season's Greetings

the tattered old man on Christmas Eve

the tattered old man on Christmas Eve


snow was falling hard

as the old man struggled

through the deep drifts

on the country road


light shone from a

a farmhouse window

the old man smiled seeing the glow


it was a candle

the widowed mother had placed there

nightly since last Christmas Eve


a year ago

a man was found

frozen along this same road


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christmaswidowed motherold mancountry roadgood deedslove

The Falling of Snow


It takes me back to a boy;

the falling of snow

To a fluffy, white street

under a streetlight's dull glow:


Where an old man trudges through

Each foot now a plough

Eyes squinting to see

The here and the now


I watch from a window

My youthful eyes wide

Thinking: move to the road

Then you can slide!


But he carries on trudging

As I shake my youn...

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She Felled My Tree

before doing a runner

she cut down my tree

pine needles all over

festive debris to see


fairy dead on the rug

each bauble smashed

lights cables tangled

my Christmas dashed


should have twigged it,

axe-heads lit her eyes

our rapport splintering

ate my last mince pies


a forest of complaints

calling me dead wood

unhappy with my log

called my p...

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treeChristmasaxe-headsmince pieslogpuddudgigoloforesterChristmas spirit

Selling Christmas Trees and Roman Candles, 1950





Selling Christmas Trees and Roman Candles, 1950


My older married brother, Willy, asked Kenny and me if we would like to help him sell Christmas trees. We said, “Sure we would love to help.”

Willy had gone into the woods and cut a number of cedar trees. We were going to sell them out of the back of his old Plymouth station wagon and an old trailer. The NAPA auto store...

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christmaschurchpastorroman candlessales

Our Covid Christmas

This year has been different and certainly strange,
So for this Covid Christmas we must all make a change.
With our loved ones we may not be able to share,
But remember them still and know that they do care.

Although Covid-19 makes us all be apart,
Try to be strong and remain stout of heart.
Though at this festive time numbers may be reduced,
Know a wonderful Christmas may still be produc...

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Stuart VannerChristmasCovid-19Corona virusHopeNew Year

A Ghost Of Christmas Past


Granda's slouched 

In his fave comfy chair

A Christmas cracker party hat

Hides his four strands of hair


His wife always said:

'Get the buggers cut!'

But he wasn't quite ready

To be a total baldy nut! 


He wishes she was here now

Nagging at full pelt:

'If ye eat or drink one more thing,

yer gonna burst your belt!'


And Sophie's eyes sparkle


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its a far cry from Bucharest

in this dark and earthy shed,

thinks of her tearful mother

the man she's shortly to wed


draughts slice wooden walls,

rats scuttering in the hay-loft,

rubbing her hands for warmth

tells herself not to be so soft


slim candles shadow the gloom,

bloke appears in muddy boots,

shoving his wheelbarrow in a

mini-forest of sprouting ro...

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forced candlesChristmascrownsshedrhubarbpinkcrumble

The Nasty Little Snowman

The nasty little snowman

Wasn't made of all things nice

They'd patted him together

With, mostly, dirty ice


He had rusty bolts for eyes

And a beer bottle nose

A frozen dog turd mouth

And a piece of garden hose


shoved up his frozen arse.

The kids found this so funny

But, when he opened his dogshit mouth

They all ran home to mummy!


Such expletives he...

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Naughty snowmanlaughChristmas

A Winter Escape

Thank you to talented local musician Stuart Bell for turning it into a lovely Christmas ditty! 


(a re-post, but it seems more appropriate now! ⛄)


Like comets we slid through the crisp, white grass

In our wake billowed a powder-puff mass

It floated and swirled and twinkled with light

Like low-hanging stars broke free of the night


And in snow-laden fields angels were...

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas

Bojo gave to me

Fear of a virus

Spreading rapidly.


On the second day of Christmas

Bojo gave to me

Two metre distance and

Fear of a virus

Spreading rapidly.


On the Third day of Christmas

Bojo gave to me

Hands, face & space,

Two metre distance and

Fear of a virus

Spreading rapidly.



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bojochristmascovid19the twelve days of christmastwelve daysvirus

Eggs before hearts

On hearing about Easter eggs going on sale on Christmas Eve


No chance for cupid

To pick up his bow

Not yet melted

Those men of snow

When what was on

Shop shelves

Full show

But  a shiny

Easter egg


Left uneaten

Chocolate money

Leaping Lords

Replaced by bunnies

We're still in winter

Though a little sunny

Christmas on 

Last legs



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