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Combustion & Creation (portrait of a paranoid artist, smoking)

midnight disease :: a journey with hypergraphia

life arrived with a birthmark
burnt by the touch of a daemon shaped flame
  leading the artist down a lifelong maze
only guided by the scorching Promethean torch 
along the anointed namesake road
    which delves into & through shadows
to dwell in that ethereal realm
    vaporous as floating smoke from the cigarette tip
blown in a cloud be...

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Ekphrastic Visions - February 2019 Collage Poem

Helix barriers all over the world

Riddles flow through digital death traps

What is a man now with no cheap cigars

A mad dead love of afterthoughts gone


Mad Tony's hologram cycles around the

Lanes of South Wales as Alexa 

Shouts "Give us 20 pence!"


Ooh! I can see Winnie the Pooh

In The wardrobe!


The candle, the book, and the wardrobe;

Wet washing and dag...

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Collage PoemEkphrasisFebruaryStockport WOL

Fake ID

D’you really think I’m gonna serve you, kid?

That fake ID won’t do no good in here.

The Follies ain’t some dive run off the grid,

Where punks like you can go to blag some beer.


You can’t fool me, I’ve seen it all before;

I bet your mother doesn’t know you’re out,

And if we have to kick you out the door,

She’ll hear about it, and you’ll get a clout.


Yeah, just beca...

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Sonnet on Death

This is an ekphrasis on L'Agonie by Felicien Rops.



Sonnet on Death

Demons clutch at your rib-cage ladder

Grasping the arteries, choking your veins

Your bones are now fragile and ready to shatter

Oh dear, you're looking quite pale.

Your bloodless skin is as thin as paper

With cavities where worms slither in.

A struggling heart still resisting the Taker


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DeathFelicien RopsL'AgonieEkphrasissonnetnecrophilia

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