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How do I love? (Part 2)

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How do I love?
Wondered the struggling eyes,
As sun's rays reached the pale face,
Into another morning of inquiry,
Whether to carry on or linger,
From, perhaps, a hope for two souls,
That had no home,
Wandering around,
Looking and searching,
For, if haven was impossible,
At least a shelter to thrive on,
But to only provide what it needs,
One must let go,
A sacrifice,
For hope to live...

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Walking a very delicate line

So far in distance

So long in time

Split in half

Or close to

So much and so real

Never and always 

With so much to feel

New beginnings

Old endings

Time moves and stands still

Walking the line of courage and will

Faster and slower

Steps taken in stride

Steps taken onward 

With nothing to hide

A linear realm where the rules...

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