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These two poems I think pair up well together.  The first written to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild five years ago, the second written last year after a visit and time spent with him and his two brothers.

Nathaniel's Villanelle

Now welcome into this world little one.

You know no-one, nothing yet,

Yet from Him who knows all you come.


Your father, your mother als...

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The best role played on screen aint on screen

And life aint as pretty as it seems a beautiful dream of a ghetto where the grass aint that green 

But the life of a few young me with a pistol that they want to bang 

And they still think a black man hangs.. in the balance no it hangs in what if's and what of's

What if he picked up that book instead of that gun that teach bullets to fly an...

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There’s a bench in the park where an old couple sit

holding hands and laughing as the children play and flit

about on the swings and slides with boundless joy,

inciting memories of when they were girl and boy.

The antics of the kids so full of life and carefree bliss,

their lives laid out before them on paths that time would kiss.


They’ve been sitting on that bench for ...

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