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Fortune favours the brave

My life is beautiful my life is fruitful,

Shout from the highest steeple,

All you peacful people,


Milk love just like a cow,

Fortune favours the brave,

So don't be anyones slave,

Live your own life and don't copy no one,

And do your own thing till all the pain has gone,

Don't be superficial or act like a sheep,

Then you will find yo...

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I will show you paradise

Come with me and I will show you paradise,
Leave behind those who are as cold as ice,
Bring in the sun and let it shine,
Then one day soon you could be mine,
I will sing some songs to gladden your heart,
Then with little luck we will never part,
Love is happiness and happiness is love,
It will be just like a perfect hand fitting a perfect glove,
Good luck to all you lovers out there,
Who ...

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