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New Years Eve

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At the end of each year we both hug the world at night
watching the ice slemnize the vows we make to ourselves
glistening untouched until the dawn taps above the houses
cosseting the spae between the chimneys
quiet in relection counting down the seconds
until the neighbours fireworks lace the sky
welcoming in the new year with all of its glory. 

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New Years Eve


I've been issued a quest 
I need to achieve
A kiss, just one kiss
On New Years Eve
Is a kiss what I need?
I'm thinking not
Why buy into the hype
And hope for the jackpot
I'd rather sit home
Snug & warm by the fire
Than go to the pub 
In my party attire
But oh how I'd like
A kiss - just to feel
Like the new year was perfect
To make it seem real
It's what everyone does
So I'm led to...

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New Years Eveno kisses here to speak of




We went into the pub's beer garden to see the illegal vodka factory run by Eastern Europeans.                                                                                                                                        

We dance madly around their lorry and sing, "Give us a drink! We're parched like the Gobi Desert. Don't you know, we drank the pub dry? Vodka...

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I want to kiss you at midnight - Sir Benjamin character piece

I want to kiss you at midnight - Sir Benjamin poem
by OpenMind on Sunday, 2 September 2012 at 12:21 ·

I want to kiss you at midnight,

feel the wibbly-wobbly ripples of time.

I want to kiss you at midnight

staring deep into your eyes.


Though it may take time,

time is of t...

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