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Loving Oneself (Poem)

When he truly loves himself,


Accepts himself as he is,


Why does he need approval, 


From anybody else.


If he is secure,


The critics don’t matter,


He knows where he stands,


Controversies don’t last.


If he truly loves himself,


Then why does he need convincing,


To prove to him, only what he can.


For if he is secure...

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If We Can Be Children Again (Poem)

When we’re newborns and toddlers,


We’re so eccentric and authentic,


Eager and ecstatic,


To start living our life.


Gazing at the night sky, 


We ponder the brilliance,


An amazing masterpiece, 


A great work of art.


There must some force,


That created this world,


That’s giving me breath,


That’s protecting me and ca...

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I Am the Person You Will Always Forget

I am the name that crossed your lips

Without meaning, without thought.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the face your eyes once saw.

They passed me by, but never lingered.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the distant voice calling your name.

You are unreachable and I am unheard.

I am the person you will always forget.


I am the perso...

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To Live Dead

The child wasn't abused
No, not abused
That seems like too much
Too harsh a description
More so punished
"Punished" is how they put it
But he didn't know any better
So he kept following along
As blind to his own eyes
As deaf to his own voice
As unfeeling of his own emotions
He couldn't stop the feelings
For he wasn't the one to cause them
No, he could never d...

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