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Manhattan Morning

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Manhattan Morning


the cat was sick

I cared for it

which made me late

to catch the bus

which got caught up

in traffic jams

so I got off

to walk the last few blocks

which made me sweat

under the blue sky

my brow was wet

with perspiration

out of breath

I stepped inside

a coffee shop

and bought a cup

of Espresso

and spilt the lot

because I ...

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September Sisters

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Twin sisters, both alike in majesty,
In New Manhattan, where we set this scene,
From arid lands flocks an old enemy,
To scorch the earth of this, a western dream.

From fateful skies the fatal flights descend,
But none the wiser to their pending fate,
The man and child, to happy affairs tend,
Their future sealed beneath a veil of hate.

Through vacant city clouds, their path annulled,

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911 Tribute Poem

What did it achieve, bar hatred
And indeed if that was its aim
It did not build the hatred they thought
We don't hate all Moslems the same
Some fools do, but not us all
So it failed, the bombers dream
We know the majority are just like us
And the terrorists from the extreme.

Some say it was in revenge for a plane crash

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