Manhattan Morning

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Manhattan Morning


the cat was sick

I cared for it

which made me late

to catch the bus

which got caught up

in traffic jams

so I got off

to walk the last few blocks

which made me sweat

under the blue sky

my brow was wet

with perspiration

out of breath

I stepped inside

a coffee shop

and bought a cup

of Espresso

and spilt the lot

because I picked it up

with sweaty hands

the coffee soaked

into my bag

into which

I’d placed the laptop

which meant

I didn’t see the text

that you had sent

my darling friend

to tell me

that someone had flown

a plane into

the place we work

and where was I?

and in the distance

I hear the roar

and suddenly

the world turns grey

as dust and debris

churns across Manhattan

and all the ifs

and woulds and coulds

are enveloped

in the sound of sirens

and my first thought

as I see

the coffee soaked laptop

is this day

could not get any worse…

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Sun 7th Apr 2019 09:42

I love this poem - great rhythm and so powerfully human in its depiction of an ordinary morning on an extraordinary day.

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