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911 Tribute Poem

What did it achieve, bar hatred
And indeed if that was its aim
It did not build the hatred they thought
We don't hate all Moslems the same
Some fools do, but not us all
So it failed, the bombers dream
We know the majority are just like us
And the terrorists from the extreme.

Some say it was in revenge for a plane crash
That came down over Iran
Ignored by the west the victims
I read of the children dead, the story of each man
How their hearts were broken and anger
Their families and nations siezed
And revenge was vowed to come in time
And that their anger had not eased.

And each year it will come around
As we seek not to forget
In the names of the victims two wars were launched
And the fighting is not over yet.
Two wrongs they do not make a right
And no more right does create mistakes three
And if this is to be the continuing folly of man
No hope for mankind do I see.

The reasons put forward for 9/11 are many and varied, from the nutty conspiracy theories, to Michael Fisks theory on the revenge for the Iran plane crashes during the 1980's. The one lesson that can be drawn from 911 is that two wrongs do not make a right, in fact they drive populations farther apart than ever.



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