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The Window's Down

C’Mon, Baby, Doubt Me,
I Cannot Live Without Me.
If That’s What Makes You Happy,
One Cannot Live Without Me.
And We’re Taking Turns Off The Road,
And Falling Back Into The Ghosts.
Drifting Back Off Of The Road.
Doubt Me And All I Know.
Maybe I’m Losing It,
But Maybe I’m Coming Around.
A Little Voice Is Singing It,
Don’t Hold Your Breath For Too Long.

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Cannibal JonesIf

Manhattan Morning

Manhattan Morning


the cat was sick

I cared for it

which made me late

to catch the bus

which got caught up

in traffic jams

so I got off

to walk the last few blocks

which made me sweat

under the blue sky

my brow was wet

with perspiration

out of breath

I stepped inside

a coffee shop

and bought a cup

of Espresso

and spilt the lot

because I ...

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Poetry is a music a ry-them if u follow the rules u will
love it so take a glass of wine or a cigarette and read it
smoothly smoothly lovely.
If there is a forest
There is a barren land

If there is darkness
There is a sourcing light

If there is belief
There is a term relief

If there is disbelief
There is a term self

If there is good 
You know there is bad

If t...

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I long to return,

To the land of Ever-was,

So that I can learn,

Why it was we never were.


And if I discern,

What it was you wanted then,

Then I will return,

To when-we’re-not again.

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