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JUBILEE JOY - welcoming our guests

Dear valued visitor...

So glad to see you here,

The warmest of warm welcomes

In this very special year -


When we celebrate a diamond Queen

Upon an ancient throne,

While Olympic gems will have a sheen

With royalty of their own.


Our land is proudly on parade,

Its capital playing host,

With traditions that will never fade

(Though it's not our...

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Two ladies, late eighties: one flicking

the pages of Majesty magazine

to pass the time, but still a believer;

the other preparing to sail down

the Thames in a royal barge. 


Yachts, palaces, castles, state visits,

breakfast cereal in Tupperware cartons.

Happy holidays in the Isles of Scilly,

bereavement, confusion, incontinence.


One paid her care home fees by se...

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