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A step across the great divide

From this side to the other side

A cautious step, a careful stride

Centuries long and twice as wide.


Carefully place your stumbling feet

There’s caterpillars in the street

ghost butterflies with ‘nowt to eat

a life to live and death to cheat


TV screens in shop windows

Relay the parties and the woes

Resentment in...

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Uplifting to see,
The Queen' s Jubilee.
The old songs were sung, 
The church bells were rung.
The poor and elites
Had parties in streets.
Come rain or come sun,
The people had fun;
They guzzled their cakes
And Cadbury's flakes, 
They'd caper and jig
Beside Peppa Pig,
Becoming, through play,
Like children, all day.

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Just another day? No.

Unlike any occasion for a descendant of Alfred,

Bunting fluttering, balloons flying, bonhomie bestowed

Images of infectious inclusivity, involving

Legions of patient Mall celebrants

Euphoric and excitable subjects of the realm

Embracing each and every moment of Royal reverence.

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JUBILEE JOY - welcoming our guests

Dear valued visitor...

So glad to see you here,

The warmest of warm welcomes

In this very special year -


When we celebrate a diamond Queen

Upon an ancient throne,

While Olympic gems will have a sheen

With royalty of their own.


Our land is proudly on parade,

Its capital playing host,

With traditions that will never fade

(Though it's not our...

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Two ladies, late eighties: one flicking

the pages of Majesty magazine

to pass the time, but still a believer;

the other preparing to sail down

the Thames in a royal barge. 


Yachts, palaces, castles, state visits,

breakfast cereal in Tupperware cartons.

Happy holidays in the Isles of Scilly,

bereavement, confusion, incontinence.


One paid her care home fees by se...

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