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cleansing the orphanage with fire and prayer

i.(the entrance lobby)

take five, not to tradition, yet die to keep poor, poor kitty strimming
fragmented , as perhaps are, rosebuds that fall in the manner which
sweat tracks roll, dammed, oiled but not waived, by a picture without words

I would be yourself, centred, and shoes should share my nylon net
musk mined in imaginary time and black, yellow, black deep, I think,

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Hi everyone and welcome once again to my poetry blog.

 It's been a while since I last posted which I apologise for but it's been a crazy few months.

 I have a new one for you today which is written about a subject we can all sympathise with, the dreaded  writers block. Some say it's a myth some live by it and for others it just happens from time to time. I also apologise in advance to a...

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blockwriters block

A Craving for Writer's Block

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I slaver with anticipation
as your taunts fly past
let me grapple you
while your fangs pierce
and vilest venom spreads

numb my soul and mind

let me scream and cringe
agonise upon this page
let blankness reign supreme
slay this potent pen
for all of eternity

make your emptiness pristine

hover around my carcass
you scavenging vulture
eat away my...

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