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Pandora's Box

Pandora’s Box


barbeques and beaches

your own little playground

complaining about others

who sit in your space



that schools are reopening

while little Johnny plays

with his mates in the park


lighting a fire

to cremate your pork chops

on the grass and heathlands

where sparks are bullets


leaving B&Q

with a six foot mirror


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I Am Whatever You Want Me To Be

I sliced the sun into two

And looted shimmering bars of gold

Which lined her womb, 

Her beloved broods I stole. 


I plucked the sturdiest mountains, 

The choicest adornments on the face of the globe. 

All it took were my hands, raw and unrestrained, 

Their maimed rubbles now abuse those they adore.


I remember the sea that like Moses I parted

And the ocean floor ...

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Pandora (late again)

Puff, pant, puff pant

Oh dear, I'm late for the competition.

Why am I always (puff) late? (pant)

I must hurry, they might (gasp) let me in (pant)

Nearly there. Come on Pandy you can do it.



Oh dear, now look what I've done,

spilled everything.

And grazed my elbow.

Has anyone got a plaster?

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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box - Review

Where do we begin, indeed?  Pandora’s Box surpassed our wildest expectations, providing all with a selection of thoroughly entertaining poetry. Opened on May18th with an inauspicious walk down Gropecuntelane, the box closed on May 30th, shut tightly by the hand of Epimetheus himself!  Between those dates 26 of our finest poets pitched in to thrill, enthral, amuse, bewitch us all, each with thei...

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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Legacy

Mind over matter

is the key

and so

with will of iron



the ills that she set free.

The world implodes

to fill an empty cask

tossed like flotsam

to a hostile sea

heavy lidded

sealed with sorrow

weighted with

unspoken words -

the water swallows…


Trembling from exertion

relief pervades

This day will u...

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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

I'll tell of a greek tragic heroine;

She was known as Pandora by name;

A quiet lass who didn't go out much,

A bit like the Oh lympic flame.


Zeus had commissioned Pandora,

The first lady made from the earth.

He was really quite pleased with the outcome;

Far less messy, he thought, than a birth.


Some say that Zeus craved a companion;

Some say it was...

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humourPandora's Box

Pandora's Box

               Pandora’s Box






         nonsense words -  

         ideas already





         spineless words that fret the tapestry of Truth’s




         all woven into what?


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Pandora's Box

Pandora's lost Box

Pandora’s lost box


To listen to their laughter

was almost too much

like listening to a row of dominos

crashing down in totally

the wrong order.


To listen to their laughter

was almost too much

like listening to the waves

from the nearby coastline

choking itself to death.


Two beautiful young women

swinging cigarettes and beer


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Pandora's Box

Pandora haiku

She opened her box

The world filled it with itself

Ready for next time

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haikuPandora's Box

Pandora's Box

Hope springs eternal, or so they say From Pandora's box, all the horrors Of the world were vomited forth. Only weak, litter-runt hope was left With nothing else to stand in its way. Out into the world it crawled, Blind, mewling and twisted A bitter stunted mutant desperate for attention. It turned to man for succor and love It begged and fawned and prostituted But man was busy e...

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Pandora's Box

pandora's jar


I’m formed from clay

turned on the potter’s wheel.

Spinning made me

and I spin still.

Smoothed thumb and finger

and wet earth.

From honest mud,

that was my birth.

The gods made me to carry the can.

Poor womankind, to get the blame from man.

They put in my possession all the gifts

without my knowing

when the pot was raw,

that they were t...

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Pandora's box

Pandora's Box

Ah, what an excuse for a spot of doggerel!


Pandora was a punishment to man,

a tradition I feel no compunction

in continuing.  A terrible thing,

a box of mockeries and silent sneers,

of saying it’s fine; really it’s nothing,

irascible mood swings, and unexplained tears.

A saleswoman of godlike dimensions

presented man with the loss leader hope,

a glossy ...

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Pandora's Box

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