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What I did today, hey

A sunny day hey hey a sunny day

A mummy day hey hey a mummy day

A sunny day a mummy day hey hey

Hey it was sunny saw my mummy hey


A funny day hey hey a funny day

A yummy day hey hey a yummy day

A funny day a yummy day hey hey

Hey it was funny it was yummy hey


The sun shone and I went to see mum, hey

We had some laughs and had a big lunch, hey

The sun always shines on motorways, h...

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Ode to Hofmann

Changes of emotion
Haight & Ashbury
Attached to spiritual aspects
Understanding, sadly missed.
Jumping out of windows
Its all Hofmann
Lets See Delusion
Lets See the Difference
Love Spies on Death
Truth be told, dandelion kettle.
Chocolate pyjamas
Kaliedascope bicycle display.
Problem c...

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God sits, irate, by the Gate's of Heaven.
It's the 28th Heaven-day and it still hasn't arrived.
The component for his transportation device.
"The repair man lied when he said that it would be here by the tenth" he thought.
God had sat there through sunshine, snow and mist.
"They are going to start to think it doesn't exist" he grumbled
and every rumble of a Heaven-car that passes, produces a twinkle in ...

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Also by Robbie Hurst:


Drifting Upon Waves

Endless is eternity  

when you drift upon waves

of dreams unrealized

and whispers of a life

that could have been,

but this long road

is endless no more.

I know my reason to exist.

I found haven within the pen,

and I will drift no more.  

The road is not broken,

but whether I still walk alone

or found company in strangers

sharing my dream,

I will...

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entry picture

I was to go for a blind date
And wanted to look cool
Bought a colour for my hair
To improve my personal look
There was not much time to think
The blind date for the evening was set
Opened the box with the colouring kit
And begin to work with my hair
Naturally brown wanted to have it blond
With the time that I had on hands
The hair colour in a short time
It turned to an orange shade.

Was thinking what to do

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Also by Zuzanna Musial:


The Light of life

      The Light of life

I wish good day to this shining light
that billows down enchanted  beams
It shows the way of love and truth
Can this be our path to follow
And does it lead to our tomorrow
Let not our feet go astray
To find the shadows that hid away

For not in darkness can we abode
In our tranquil state we hold
Mankind must heed our word of warning
For if tomorrow dar...

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Identity! Is it a dream?



Is true identity just a mythological dream?

A construction found in a thought stream

Uttered to show degrees of conformity

In a world that demands degrees of normality

Where attempts to root identity only serve to derange

When our society is fluid, a kaleidoscope of change

Is identity buried at the heart, within the inner child?

Described somewhere on some document misfiled


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Also by Phil Golding:

Snails lift their mobile houses | Songbird | Opening Addresser | Red Dust Blow Back | Squabbling Bubbles | NEW MANCHESTER STANZA !! | Bluebells |

The Masked and Unmasked Man

The Masked Man


I           He stood there, outlined by the spirits.

II          They were his friends,

I           The masked man raised his arm once again.

II          They cried.


I           They moved towards him, drawn by the power,

II          What had he done to them?

I           Each of them, they joined with him to make one.

II          Used. Betrayed.


I           The l...

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Also by Jordan:

Fiction | Dreaming | These Hands |

An eternity in the hole

I saw razor sharp hills

tried to climb over

they cut my sides

I saw a dark ocean

swam across with my sins

it drowned my conscience

Please let me in

Please let me in


Spent too long in this hole

with the scattered brains of the ancient world


Depression was my friend

understood me so well

the time we spent

writing till he goes

his pain my prose


Ideas he'd have

ideas he'd ta...

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Also by Richard Brooks:

Unborn Child Of The World | The Devil May Cry | Freedomless Train |

A Woman's Curse

entry picture

You thought you had your life back
The day you set me free
Trying to build a new start
Far away from me,

You thought anyone could take my place
Ease the burdens of your fears
Telling her she's the one
Getting no more of me,

You thought I'd give up my breath
Drown myself with tears
Not giving me one poor minute rest
With your face haunting me still,

You thought our love would defeat
from me far off and ot...

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Vietnam diary (soldiers automatic writing in therapy)

Cowering I await
The monsters are about to emanate
From the landing
The stairwells
Which I so often dreamt
That falling dream
-they are about to emanate
and I hastily prepare
“you've had ages!”
but as always I’m late
so I remove staples from the magazine
and replace them with non-uniform,
full metal jackets.
I hope they explode on time.
I hope the rifled barrel,
fires in a straight line.
let the monsters come.

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Open, Mike

I done it. I did done go to my first open mic. No longer an open mic virgin am I. I done did read some of my poems.

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The Fun-Fair

The Fun-Fair


Bodies spin, stomachs churning

Wurlitzing like teenage yearning

Shrieks whip up a sugar snap

Ozone crack cherry-pink beehive hairdo

For tonight the scrubland is suited and booted

Embraces the fair - holds tight

As snug as a razor-bladed lapel


That flush in your cheek is a fighting chance

The iron in your blood - the weekend

Squeezing through overcrowded veins


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When you could see the ribs of the poor

and the fat man watered their beer.

You knew who got exploited

You knew who to pity or fear.

The waif who was wan with rickety knees,

the rich man deaf to his desperate pleas,

died of consumption or killed at the loom.

Nothing marked his pauper tomb.

Now we have underprivileged

who are fat and spotty and rude.

While the super rich are toned and...

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Also by Malpoet:

Forty Two | Bards of New Brighton |

Varna Night

entry picture

From a bacony overlooking the Black Sea

We sat outside we did that night
The moon was high the sky was bright
The light did sparkle all around
Whilst all the time the waves did bound

And what a day we all did have
The sun the sand the peace the love
With smiles and laughter joy was plenty
Our newfound smells were light and scenty

We like it here it’s really grand
But time is short with much demand
As y...

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entry picture

'Where've I come from?' asked the droplet from the sulky gloom above

'Where am I going, what's my purpose, is there hope that I'll find love?'


Having dripped through many cycles, a second droplet knew the score,

that the pattern was the purpose and the purpose to make more.


'Though some drops seem lost forever, drying out on rock and stone

they're drawn back into the pattern of the clou...

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Also by Sandre Clays:

Too Fat | Sustenance |

poetry is movement without effort

Poetry is movement without effort
Poetry should take you to places far beyond what your eyes can see
Take you to places where you can be free
Poetry is movement without effort
all you have to do is think and feel
and it will move you
and make your experiences real
poetry can cause pictures to form in your mind
speak a thousand verbs a thousand nouns or a thousand rhymes
all written for you to experience o...

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Also by Daniel Hooks:

eyes | here is the revolution |

Letting go of your dreams

My first love is the theatre.  Ever since I could speak I said I would be an actress one day.  My whole life focused towards this one goal: countless drama classes, singing lessons, parts in community plays, school plays, music performances.  I've been involved in theatre in almost every possible sense: acting, singing, stage management, directing, painting scenery, making props and costumes, edit...

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Coldplay: Viva La Vida

entry picture
I can't understand the unprecedented publicity of Coldplay's new album on the BBC. The Radio One DJs can't seem to go five minutes without mentioning it. I wonder what makes them so brilliant in the eyes of all the bigwigs at the Beeb. In Radio Times they had Simon Pegg from Spaced saying how great they were. Who cares about his opinion? If he was funny I might give him a chance. Needless to say h...

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Whose Heart Does She Make Beat Faster?

Whose Heart Does She Make Beat Faster?

Whose heart does she make beat faster
As she once did to mine?
She of the smile that won my heart
She was to me divine
And as all angels do
She flew away from me
And I the fool the love I had
I never let her see
But someone somewhere has a beating heart
That she makes beat faster still
As mine did then when her I knew
And always will until
Upon my deathbed when of ag...

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The most wonderful word in the whole wide world
Is a wonder-filled word called LOVE
No other world has a lovelier word
And I heard that it came from above
There isn't enough of this LOVE it is rare
But LOVE is the stuff you invest when you share
A wonder-fuelled word in a crazy world
Another lovely word is CARE.

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My July tour

entry picture

I know most of you use these blogs for poetry samples, but I haven't seen any clear rule restricting it to that, so hopefully this is OK...

If anyone's interested, I'm coming back to England in July. Here's the list of the gigs I've got lined up:

July 2: Leeds
Wicked Words, at Seven
July 6: Manchester
Poetry Party, at the Fuel Cafe Bar, also with Lisa B.
July 8: London
Poetry Shack, at the Old Crown Pu...

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the special relationship

transatlantic cultural exchange

we borrow from them

and remake after our own image


           vice versa

but there’s surely been nothing so strange

as our reconceptualisation of

the comings and goings

of their beat generation


if Kerouac and Cassady had’ve known

where their road would lead

would they have remained at home?


pensioners by the thous...

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When You're Happy You're Beautiful

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Nothing satisifies.
Nothing’s ever good enough.
Something else needed.

Grass always greener.
If life is to be like this,
it “should be cleaner”.

“It’s too expensive”
and you’re left feeling hollow
‘coz “it’s all the same”.

“It’s Wrong ?" oh so wrong”.
But when you do feel happy
I will see you laugh.

I love the feeling
of the sun’s smile on my face.
Shining, through glasses.

April - August 2005

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Truths Untold

entry picture

The lights are out upstairs in me

Hell knows my head’s been gone so long

Others can’t reach the place I be

Mind fears you are the only one


Kings fall and prince’s hearts unfold

Never to sail the storms I ride

Only the pen your fingers hold

Will write these truths untold inside


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Also by Alison Mary Dunn:

An Ode to a Poet | Astray | Your Shadow |

lillles on a pond, lillies on a pond

lillies on a pond, a pond, pond, pond......


ripples on a stream, ripples on a stream, a stream, stream, stream......


pitter patter rain, pitter patter rain, pitter patter, rain, rain, rain........

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Night Visit

He thumbs buttons into holes,

tugs a collar to his lobes, steps into

the sleet which pings off headstones.


A yellow Ford picks up another fare,

follows feline peepers back to town.

The sky lets up, quiets. Bones


creak under the weight of darkness.

A hefty tang of gardenias lodges

in his sinus, stops a sneeze dead.


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entry picture

Hello everyone. I'm new here, but really like the site so far.

Bright wishes to all


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