Blankness prevails
So white and so nothing
This canvas becomes
The wall where it hangs
Slumped at its angle
A sorrowful state
Promising nothing
So lifeless and pale
Hints of a thought
Disperse into air
Weightless and empty
And cold to the breath
This blank little canvas
May never be saved
Only waiting for someone
To rescue it’s face

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Waiting at the Door

I can’t explain so deep inside
The very fabric of my soul
Only a heart that grieves such loss
Can ever truly understand

It’s like you’re waiting at the door
Until a loved one comes back home
You feel a longing in your heart
When they appear the longing stops

But in a loss that never ends
You’re always standing at that door
You feel the longing in the br...

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I want to throw myself away into the graceful light of words

And cast my soul among the waves that sweep into the sea of knowing
Where wisdom breaks against the shore to fill the void that never sleeps
Cooling these fires inside my soul that keep my happiness from growing

I watch the rocks come tumbling down as children play between the wars

Somehow their smiles are all we have to see the...

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Expressions so Deep

As I sit with you here

spelling out every tear

Telling mind heart and soul

of the things that I fear

Here we share common ground

breaking down

touching base

All the knowledge we seek 

manifests in this place

As the day falls to night

we submerge to let go 

Any boundaries of mind

soon expand in the flow

Thoughts implode in us now

Running concepts like streams

and expressions of dou...

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Truths Untold

The lights are out upstairs in me

Hell knows my head’s been gone so long

Others can’t reach the place I be

Mind fears you are the only one


Kings fall and prince’s hearts unfold

Never to sail the storms I ride

Only the pen your fingers hold

Will write these truths untold inside


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An Ode to a Poet

If I move from this place then the rhyme will be lost

like the dreams when you move from the bed. All the lessons

we’ve learned between slumber and light are the truths, 

never making the pages of knowing. 

All we have are these caves living deep in our minds

Where potholes are many and where entities speak, on their own

in the dark. Here the hand has to steer very close to the soul

or it w...

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Lead me astray 
Where the land meets the sea

I’ll follow your trail
To an unknown place

Like a dream

As the moments are lost 
Just take me away

And I’ll let me be gone 

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Your Shadow

Can’t make the dreaming stop
It spells the truth out right
For in the cold of night
I wish your shadow to return

Each captivating form
that danced in hidden doors
When boredom stalked my mind
Our shadows tricked the moon

Where dreaming haunts my soul
Your touch is ever present
I always reach for you
Though I’m afraid of shadows

And oh God how I love you
Though I could tell you not
Now you may neve...

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My Friend the Ghost

Sleeping beauty lays eternal

My friend the ghost forever now

You chose to slip beyond the veil

In search of peace and peace you found

You quickly jumped outside the frame

into a world just out of sight

Though I still see you in the day

and in the blackened room at night  

My eyes they failed to see the dark

A loss of sight, my vision blind

So very fragile was your soul

And deeply tr...

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Smokin Dreams.......

Oh how your words come in me when you exhale Each time you blow I sway a little Outside these potion, smokin, dreams you keep me waiting Here, in the hope I’ll score the highs I’m craving So I’ll forever chase the flame to burn and be with you Where buds of souls crystalize and become stronger I’m back again to get my daily fix from you This soul is weak and could not hold on...

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These forms of yours take me inside myself

To read deeper into the entity

Stepping outside the threshold of consciousness

Living each moment in the arms of your mind


Believing in love

Resting on a whim

Gliding towards peace


I am less myself

And more of you

Our hearts re-shape 

As we are forced into singularity


Breathing in time

Whispering joys

Turning in the wind


All n...

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On a whim we did
Outside the limits hid
In transcendental style 
If only for a while
We slide between the seems
A wordless understanding
Channelled access to our dreams


Beyond the realm we slipped
With silent steps we skipped
Behind the background noise
With dedicated poise
That tripped our lips to kiss
Bereft of any reason
Here in momentary bliss


Yet who are you?
And who am I?
No history known
No pas...

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Free Fall

Out from this craft

these thoughts fall down

With eyes kept shut

and backwards jump

Into the blue

Free from the frame

I’m letting go

to breathe the mind

Here I can turn

me inside out

To blend with

everlasting winds

Where rhythms lead

me through myself

In ever changing 

Whistling words  

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The Ghost of Me

Here in myself I find me lost
As I fragment inside the core 
These tiny scatterings of shell
Are spilling out onto the floor

I do believe I’m breaking up
This I was sure I’d never do
My channel’s unidentified
No frequency is getting through

For this day brings me no agenda 
With lack of speech and empty head
All conversations disengaged 
A loss of life the soul has bled

I am autumnal to the touch
With much aba...

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Read my Mind....

Here behind these eyes
Lies a labyrinth of thought
Rows upon rows of mind
Dream wistfully away

I turn to you and smile
A message unresolved
Yet tenderly unfolds
To share with you this day

Come here and read my state
Now know this honest space
For here in lies the realness
So definite defined

As every passing glance
Draws closer to this place
These eyes are open wide
For you to read my mind 

Alison M Dunn 

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