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losing touch

and then wanting to catch

-up with those friends again

isn't really about

missing them

but about missing the person you were

however many years ago

/contact usually attempted

by the uncertainties of the present

so you seek reassurance



when which isn't forthcoming

forces a reassessment of

the whole enterprise

/honesty impels admission

of narcissism

and reso...

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Sex Thief (I stole a pornographic magazine)

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Sex Thief (I stole a porno magazine)

If it kills me
I will take what is mine
25 minutes is a long time to linger
at a racked out magazine stand
with head cocked half
and eyes bolt upright
I’m a cleavage-loving contortionist
a superb right arm wristed
man sized tissue
with the latest issue
I close bedroom door and celebrate
My liberation

I stole a pornographic magazine
-in my teens of course.

25 minutes of in and...

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Last week of May 2008,
it is almost gone - one more day
With June on its way.
Time flies, children grow.
People share joy,
Happiness and sadness.
Life goes on.

The hands of time never stop
soon another month,
and then another year will be over.
Time is like a river flowing day by day.

Enjoy your life, smile and I smile too
be happy and blessed
this is my wish for you.
Dear fr...

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Also by Zuzanna Musial:


Home Thoughts From A Bored

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Ah, bliss! Off work, not missing the office

The morning time’s my prime time to do rhyme

I whizz along with song, I fizz, do biz

That’s mine, write sprightly lines in my own time

Sublime it is to climb where church bells chime

Bet Betjeman was no better, but a

Bit bitter, pint of bitter, hold the lime

That’s better, Betty Turpin, oh, and a

Hot plate of hotpot hits the spot. Totter


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Lonely Friend

I take it you don’t want to be here anymore

Your life will be much shorter than we thought

And as you put the last one in your mouth

You don’t give a thought to anyone else!


Has it come down to this my lonely friend?

Is life not treating you well again?


I take it you don’t want to suffer anymore

You’re not so carefree as we thought

And as you put the last one in your mouth

You think...

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Also by Richard Brooks:

Eutopia | Broken Down |

Fun poem

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At the wayzgoose the zoftig

became zoonist,

His sawder words had procerity,

the plap of poems lost in the nullibiety,

On the remicle of language,

there was  lots of slubberdegullions

roaming lost like me,

Try to resipiscence,

Sawder the verse,

To frisco into the light.

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Also by Neil Francis Brooks:

Advice on being a poet | Have you seen him? Slam style | After studying a painting by John ruskin. | Your smile keeps me from madness |

Stop The Clocks

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Time, by now, surely needs a rest,

To deservedly put up its feet.

After working long, hard and fast,

Without relative pomposity or frown,

It’s due some sort of treat.


A sugary, savouring pause,

While the rest of us stop

And give much praise and applause

For Time’s endless countdown.

                        Its tick-tock clip-clop


That has completed our...

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Your crown burns like fire as you pass

From womb to warm water

Without a gasp

Submerged, head first

Eyes hidden,

Your fine hair sways like sea-grass

And the soft helix of your ear is born

Naked on my thigh.


All is still

And time is measured in a breathless pause

Generations seem to pass

Waiting for your shoulders to rotate,


With pouting grimace

Your prof...

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Also by Carol Falaki:

The Shoe: China 2008 |

Don't Tell Me

Don't tell me. (repeat twice)
Don't tell me. (repeat twice)
You'll lie.
Don't hurt me. (repeat twice)
Let love live.
Don't tell me. (repeat twice)
I'll die.

Please touch me.
Let love breathe.
Please love me.
Don't fade away.

I need you now.
The world has fallen down.

All these broken streets
lie before me.
All these empty eyes
don't hold me in.

Your arms are safe.
Your kiss is my air.
Your touch is my reality.
Don't ...

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Fight Prostitution with Poetry

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A Smile Unseen At Night

A smile by us unseen
In the darkness of night
A stranger greets a stranger
Who has come into sight
But the stranger he stops not
Or dallies for a while
He knows unless he has money
There no point in returning the smile
And a few yards behind him
Another man by walks
At whom the lady smiles
And him, he stops and talks
A moment from life on the city

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My Friend the Ghost

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Sleeping beauty lays eternal

My friend the ghost forever now

You chose to slip beyond the veil

In search of peace and peace you found

You quickly jumped outside the frame

into a world just out of sight

Though I still see you in the day

and in the blackened room at night  

My eyes they failed to see the dark

A loss of sight, my vision blind

So very fragile was your soul

And deeply tr...

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Also by Alison Mary Dunn:

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Wirral Words

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Don't forget it is the poetry open floor at The Scouse House in Birkenhead tomorrow, Tuesday 27 May.

Start time 7.30pm. Please arrive early if you want to book a spot. Anthony is putting on a three course 'It's The Business' special meal for orders placed between 6pm and 7pm as well as the usual light refreshments available all evening.

There will be the usual £10 voucher for best performer of t...

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Also by Malpoet:

Scouse House - 27 May | Integrated Transport Plan | Accountability |



mutapoem is a new poetry project. It is a poem owned and written by anyone who chooses to participate. It is a poem with no single author, and no final form.

mutapoem is a wiki (like Wikipedia) which allows you to change and edit the text. All poets, from those who use traditional verse forms to those working within more unconventional forms such as sound and visual poetry are welcome to pa...

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beyond good and evil

beyond good and evil

I am the answer that lies in between the cracks of ying and yang
I am the song John Lennon sang
I am humanties only hope
for freedom without fear
what is truth
what is evil
what is good
can't you see the boundaries are blurred
can't you see beyond your own convulted words
love that doesn't acknowledge fear and hate
will only happen when we levitate
when we rise above the concepts of good...

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Also by Daniel Hooks:


Blood-red Rain Drops

entry picture


Cold shards of ice pierced

The very centre of my heart

The way you spoke to me

Every word just tore me apart

Blackened flames envelope me

Shot from your callous blue soul

I’m burnt me to a crisp

My feelings tumble out of control

That love you had given me

It was born in the wings of a dove

You’ve shot it from the skies

Blood-red rain drops fall from above

I gave you my heart, my v...

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Also by Phil Golding:

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das manchmal mädchen

entry picture
First poetry collection, the sometimes girl, now in German!  

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Bob's your uncle.....and your lover

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I shall commence my blog with a taster from my play Below The Belt (out of the kindness of my heart rather than a cheap plug in desperation for a sell out you understand). Here is a monologue I have called ‘Bob’s your uncle…..and your lover’ – I hope you enjoy it….



I haven’t told my Mum

That I’ve got a new lover

Not sure she’d be that impressed

Considering he’s her brother

She wasn’t...

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Simply Don't!

fuck with my mind
can't derail time
as each moment
collides into the next

slow motion
of inner corrosion
if your mind can't fly

they point their
holier than thou fingers
they make me sick
they want to trick
me out
from my comfort zone
my happy and freedom filled
spiritual home

I don't judge
don't condemn
I just live to be
who within
the moment I can see

no labels
no stigma
no I am right
you ar...

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My new poetry book's out....

entry picture

Hi everyone – my new poetry book’s out!

(Selected poems and song lyrics 1998-2008)
by Attila the Stockbroker
Published 19th May 1998
Roundhead Publications
ISBN 978-0-9532812-1-3

 I’m proud to announce the publication of ‘My Poetic Licence’, my first book of poems for 10 years.  I’ve brought it out it myself, as I did the last one, for the simple reason that I got tired of paying my ...

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A Wolf In His Head

entry picture

Last night I watched a man

who lived with wolves

grew his facial hair;

reared wolf cubs

to adolescence,

taught them to howl

their place in the landscape

till they became

family while

his own disowned him.

I think if he had been asked why

he would have said:

'See, there is a wolf in my head.

It comes to me in the twilight

before sleep shrouds thought

and it is beautiful.

I ask: What...

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Fall Of Geneva

'Fall Of Geneva'

The Accolade of suffering brings me closer to my creation 
ascension into orbital discretion is severed by the physical reality
the fear that gripped the soul was never absorbed by the shock centricity
instead, the conjuring aroma of authentic regret
shaped the fateful tears that diminished  the dying hope of infant cause
the complexity of ignorance runs deeper than thought
but what i...

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Traces of Her

She’d leave this mattress and rest

now and again, but I’d never

witnessed it; always when I called


she was positioned

for a quick entry; on the bedside table

there’d be a box with a white tongue


hanging out alongside a fat

appointment book that had my name

on every leaf. I moved in as tenant


when she left for Australia;

the only thing I’ve changed

is the telephone nu...

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I cried like a baby

I cried like a baby

By Alvin Culzac

Just like a zombie dancing with destiny

I fell into the pit of fallacious philosophy

So I went to the Preacher

Got on my knees and pleaded

‘Preacher please, won’t you help me?’

But he turned his back and said

‘I’d like to son, but it can’t be done

Because you’ve been singing the wrong songs.’

So I cried and I cried like ...

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Also by Alvin Culzac:

Earth, Our Mother Earth |

A Calendar

The brand new calendar shows all the months;

a glance will tell at once which owns the day

I have a meeting or must pay a visit

to family gatherings; two holidays


In Spring and early June. More Birthdays.

The ultra scan of pregnant expectation

I will be here still when the time arrives.

There, another Birthday. And it’s mine.


These marked futures whittle away the few


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I see a nose
I see what the nose knows not
No snot
Is wot the nose knows not
Whose nose is zit?

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Truth or Lie

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Truth or Lie

Suppose Satan was the good guy we all know they lied, 9-11 we know that attack was from the inside… no lie, How many they fooled saying Christ was a “white” guy, The good is the bad and bad is the good lets take a look, For a deeper look, you may wish to open your holy book, Or pay the church to brand me as a crook, I object not on your hooks, What if the devil was really the good guy,...

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Ben Mellor's Voices of Descent

Just a quickie review of one of the best pieces of poetry performance i've seen in a long time. Voices of Descent is fast, witty, provocative and, above all else, hugely enjoyable.

Taking on the themes of globalisation and environmental impact, Ben had taken on a tough job to create a work that wasn't either preachy or too lightweight. A fantastic idea was to have the play powered by bicycle (in a...

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