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Dirty Windows

Dirty Windows - Poem by Marie 

Shabby nets on dirty windows 
Four walls hold a life of tears 
Trapped inside disabled from life 
Pains in her heart cuts like a knife 

She who gave him everything 
Kept prisoner for by his fists 
She who’s life was dark and dull 
No happy ending or miraculous twists 

She has no friends or family 
That’s why she is never missed 
Bruises covering her ...

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From Two Windows

At dusk

a pink moon

low over the sheds

in a cold clear sky -

ice blue, yet light

hiding stars

a leaf fall

the pond water stills

but does not freeze


Much later

that same moon

lights my bedroom

in the cold night air -

velvet black, the sky

glints stars

an owl flash

my blood chills

but does not freeze

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Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows


The simplest of houses,

doors and windows framed in white,

contains a universe within -

immured in the aura

of its keeper's light.


Chris Hubbard

St. Romain-en-Viennois.



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