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Your Royal Poetess on 14/12/1994 (7 hours ago)

Intervals Of Rain

Its great when the sun shines no clouds to be seen

And luck is on your side and there's no sign of pain

But life is a roller-coaster its all ups and downs

Sometimes you must shelter from intervals of rain


Intervals of rain intervals of rain

No sky stays forever dry

Intervals of rain intervals of rain

Bring tears to clear your eye


Remember the people suffering out ...

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cloudseyegraveintervals of rainsilver liningsuntears

From the Garden of Afternoon

Leisurely and alone,

I was wandering in a palace garden.

Flowers were completely gone,

But deep green

Summer leaves were fully grown,

And on each branch

Small birds were all the way chirping:

Seemingly for me a perfect afternoon

To be lost in poem-reciting!

Suddenly a wind arose,

When a human voice came to my ear,

Saying low yet rather vivid:


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Floaters in the eye

Floaters - Poem by Marie

I have big dark floaters in my eyes interfering with my vision 
the optician said its old age, from which there's no remission 
I remember when I was twenty I could see for miles ahead 
Now these eyes are not like mine, imposter's in my head 

I sat there and I got through the eye tests only to be told 
You need to wear bifocals. I picked some trendy glasses 

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the green light burned my phantom portals 
shut while she who would be next, maybe 
to join that banished host,
waited and wept in her forlorn 
unkempt fearfulness

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