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The Time Traveller

If I could, what would I say to myself?


Aged five. At the hospital, playing with my new sunglasses and viewing the world from behind sunshine yellow tinted frames,

whilst butterfies flutter inside my tummy.

”Mummy will live and laugh again.”


Aged fifteen. At secondary school, pulling down my skirt and getting to my feet, numb and hollow.

”It’s not your fault.”



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On paths

entry picture

On paths we cross,
threads connecting
in place 


Our alignments tangle
in a web
of time 


Flashes trapped
as water drops 
on glass


When day closes,
our vapour trails
I trace


Those moments in place,
roll like ripples 
on a lake


Those places in time,
held like snow globes 
in my mind

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Beneath this yonder twinkling isle
I laid down for a while;
Amidst this firmamental lea
I saw a pulsar shine with glee.

Soon i ventured into a dream 
and saw the lign aloes gleam ;
a foreigner to this lonesome abyss
I savoured every kiss of bliss.

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dreamtime travel


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Think of old things, of people at ease,

lovers relaxing and life being lived.

If you could go back where would you go?

Would you go to an old Roman bath

and listen to idle talk?

Me, I’d go to the dawn of time

to see what was before.

I’d like to work in an old library

and read new manuscripts.

This is a journey back in time,

yours and mine...

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A Sleeping Engine


I live out  the past

A sleeping engine  in a shocked  blank room


Older than saxons

Older than jutes

Older than older !

The land gives back


Dreary English ghosts

Demonic and  inertly orthodox


Wake a  dread height

Travelling aquatint gives us light

Spilling utter twisted dust

 Lace, frost and the same ringing weather from here to...

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