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My Un-favourite Things

fish and chip papers and stained smelly sweaters

dirty used condoms, the posh man’s French letters

fresh fast food cartons and old condom packets

discarded pizzas and broken squash racquets

matches, match boxes and cigarette butts,

oodles of noodles from someone’s spilt guts

ring pulls and beer cans, sharp broken glass

empty pill sachets and a lost covid mask

unwanted penni...

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The Turning Of The Tide

The Turning Of The Tide


Walking along the beach at sunset

A romantic moment at holiday’s end

The sand and condoms slip between our toes

The dying red rays reflecting in rock pools of piss

And glinting off discarded coco-cola bottles

Children collecting the shell-like husks of food cartons

And skimming smooth flat plastic plates into the sea

Surf lapping gently against ...

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The Dig

The Dig


Thousands of years later

They found the sacred site

And used their soft sable brushes

To clear the earth from their finds

Here was what looked like a drinking vessel

Owned by a Covid-19 man called Persil

And look part of a plate with the lettering McDon

So possibly owned by someone from the Northern Zone

Inflation devices with logos of Asda and Lidl


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The "Tourons" Great Day Out

Touron........A tourist who unfortunately also happens to be a moron!


The “Tourons” made up a picnic of all their favourite food and drink,

they brought along everything from home except the kitchen sink.

Bags bursting with goodies, enough to see them through the day,

but they left behind the empty packaging for others to throw away.


So much effort taken to pack everything...

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It is Rubbish


It really is so rubbish, to see all the rubbish

left in parks, on the beaches and everywhere

What gives people the right to think it is right

to leave it behind without consideration or care


I just do not understand people who leave litter behind

I just can not comprehend what goes on in their minds


The “Tourons” made up a picnic of all their favourite food and dri...

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Satan's Dustbin

Satan’s Dustbin


Satan, at number 666, is putting out the bins

Which are overflowing with hatred and all of mankind’s sins

The refuse collectors stay away they refuse to go near

Part of it’s the cloying smell and part of it’s just fear

Despite the warning label clearly stating ‘no hot ash’

He insists on putting them in there along with all the trash

The sad truth of his be...

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