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The No Through Road Trip

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We were nearly there
you in the driving seat
him with the map
denim shorts
patchwork patches
grandad cardies
Swan Vesta matches
Me in the back
with Giggly Sis
hippy frocks and
bright red socks
headscarves, dreads
and celtic art
all off to a festival
heard about on the vine
from a bloke down the pub
with a roll up
a nose ring
a quintessential
dog on string

We drove between hil...

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Chapter 10: Destination Succes

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Well, we're a long walk from the city lights

As we’re driving in this summer heat

I smell the scent of adventure in the air


Put up or shut up, we're not wasting time

We got this big city dream that won’t stay asleep

This four leaf clover is gonna change everything


“Girl, where are we going?” he says me

Oh, Boy you’ll know when we get there

As my words spin like a ...

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Chapter 9: Driving Into Infinity

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I look at her like she is crazy

But maybe a little craziness is what I need

It’s a big, bad world out there

And she is not scared of it at all


We hop in her car like we’re on a mission

Turn the keys as far they can go

The engine roars like a howling monster

Ready to be set free from it’s cage


Driving down on complex roads

As the sun is blazing over the horizons


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