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d.knape on Jennifer Malden
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Honest Writing

The worst

Thing is when I

Am writing poetry and spill

My wine

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The Snurdle-urdle-urdle

A snurdle-urdle-urdle

Is walking up my path,

He’s ringing on my doorbell

And asking for a bath.


I don’t know how much water

This strange creature may use.

I offer two fluffy towels

Enabling him to choose.


He cheerfully takes them both,

And turns on both the taps.

Uncertainly, I leave him,

He should be fine – perhaps!


Ten minutes have now gone by,


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The No Through Road Trip

We were nearly there
you in the driving seat
him with the map
denim shorts
patchwork patches
grandad cardies
Swan Vesta matches
Me in the back
with Giggly Sis
hippy frocks and
bright red socks
headscarves, dreads
and celtic art
all off to a festival
heard about on the vine
from a bloke down the pub
with a roll up
a nose ring
a quintessential
dog on string

We drove between hil...

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WW1 starts when prince Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo,

domino affect total war.

Germany defeated, humiliated by Treaty of Versailles.

Re-armament, rise of Nazism in the 30s. WW2 starts, total war again.

Ends with Germany’s utter defeat, closure from WW1 to 2.

Start of Cold War East v West, won’t this be fun!

Inc Yugoslavia under So...

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