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I think of you constantly

I think of you constantly

The sound of your laughter comforts me

As I envision you smiling from ear to ear

I open myself as if you're suddenly near

The thought of you leaves me in tears

When I open my eyes and I see you there, not here

What I would do to have you holding me, loving me, but all I know is you leaving me 

I will be who you want me to be, do what you want me to do


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It's A Choice

Love is a tricky thing 
Working hard to bring
Two people together
But time shows
True colors sadly
Become normality 
Some don't see
What they sacrifice 
Continuing to give up
Their want's their needs
All to keep the peace
Not to displease
The one they say they love
Letting go of some
Isolating the ones
You miss
Dont dismiss
The feeling that dw...

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Why (?)

Why this endless thinking to talk to you,

Why this constant feeling to express myself in front of you ,

Why this list of actions in the mind to impress you ,

Why this emotional touch wanting me to be always connected with you,

Heart says, hey it’s okay these courtship deeds are normal ,

Mind says , don’t disturb much and annoy her such, it is indeed abnormal ,

Heart also says con...

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You are my narcotic

                          when life’s squabbles

                          neurotically agitate me


                               You are my caffeine

                          for my diurnal cephalic pain


                               You are that nicotine

                          I take in daily doses

                          to satiate my crav...

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Thug Life Quote/Of Mine #2

{Thug Life Quote/Of Mine #2} 




​​​​​​Through my eyes

 you all will one day 

 see the real world  

 the way God meant it 

 to be without killings,

 murderers walking 

 free in our society 

 and our young youth 

 having to slang dope 

 to put in their mailboxes 

 to​​​ support and feed their

 poor families so they can 

survive through to a 


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Thug Life Quote/Of Mine #1

 {Thug Life Quote/Of Mine #1} 



 The thug life 

 in me is one 

 day going to 

 set it off by 

dropping the whole

world to it's 

knees as you 

will flow through

me and I will 

go out in a blaze 

of glory as God 

made me to do



And my lil homies I ain't mad at cha






©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 1...

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Sometimes You Forget About Yourself

{Sometimes You Forget About Yourself} 



Sometimes you do 

 forget about 

yourself when you 

 are to busy 

 taking care of 

 someone else and 

 other people to 

 but always

 remember to take 

 a little time for 

 yourself and always

 remember about 

 yourself because 

 if you don't no

 one else will 






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