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Never ending currents

I am in the sea.

I feel pulled under, my left arm ripped off,

My head so heavy with words of everyone except my own

This world makes me feel like I'm so unusual, that I'm a visitor. 

Everybody sees a portion of me, but never all of me. 

In an ocean I am drowning, with the way I'm "meant to be" pulling me under

I have fallen into a pit of cement 



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Depressionaloneprocessing emotions


Overflowing like a river

On repeat over and over

I hear it

Too much

I am

Too much

My skin as thin as paper

Too thin

Always set on fire

Reactive in the wind

Too windy 

Every day my skull hears my frustration 

My ears 

hear it from all different voices 

Your voices 

Stop, I beg my self

From myself 

To myself 

Too late

Now I hear my voice 


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processing emotions

My Muse Is Dead

Beige walls stand empty where original artworks once hung
A woman, beyond her years in mind and body, sits at her desk
Staring at a screen that, despite vast knowledge at her fingertips
Is empty
The cloud of cognizance that enveloped her has cleared
Ridiculed by those she trusted
"Over medicated"
No more pills
No more gange
Nothing to help control the demons within her mind
There is no f...

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