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busses and trains.

I want to hop on a bus
At the closest stop
And trust me,
I know how boring it must seem
To ride aimlessly
In circles

But I have had a day
And I want nothing more
Than an aimless circle
As that's all
The days
And weeks
And years
And routines
And lives
Really are, anyway

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Life Loved To Death

In loving, I set myself up for loss,

In caring, broken by those who don't give a toss,

What is the point in this moment or next?

We all end up broken, more broken, bereft...


From start to finish just feels like a flash,

Earn money, more money, broken for cash,

Tired and more tired waiting for sweet release,

When death's knell calls, signalling my peace


So what is ...

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From The Light Into The Dark

entry picture

You stand before an empty horizon,

The silhouette of the trees running sharply across the bottom of the sky,

Eyes fixed on those soulless, black shapes in the distance.

Your gaze wonders up – slowly. The sky transforms before you

From the light into the dark.


The moon hangs – trapped in the dawn of engulfment,

The ground beneath you is dim – stretching to meet the light.


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aloneanecdotedarknessdespairhopelesslonelinesspessimismthe horizonthe sun


Though I am surrounded

I am the loneliest person

Though I am celebrated

I am forever losing


Though I am revered

I am despised in one's eyes

Though I am loved

I am hated, truly hated


Though I walk with many

I am the lone walker

Though I hear your sincerity

I am deafened by self pity

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