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Artist Talking-To Artist

Artist talking to artist

 As Light to Light
No outsiders hearing
What viewers have in sight.
The colours of the paintings
Reflects the artists thoughts
Though the onlookers never know
The artist’s. Mind.
Artist talking to Artist
Like words from a book
Pictures revealing
Their outlook
One slash here, a line there
A rounded curve
A mountain
A landscape.  A portrait
Of dots connecting dots
As ...

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Artist Supporting Artist

Artist supporting Artist

Supporting Art


Not underground

Not under the radar

But above it.




Artist supporting artist

Paintings on the wall

Not hanging by a thread

Not hung at all

But painted onto it.


The wall being the backdrop

On which the artisan paints

The back ground

For every artist’s palette.


Etchings, sketchings,

Lines and hills

Dips and gullies



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