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Artist Supporting Artist

Artist supporting Artist

Supporting Art


Not underground

Not under the radar

But above it.




Artist supporting artist

Paintings on the wall

Not hanging by a thread

Not hung at all

But painted onto it.


The wall being the backdrop

On which the artisan paints

The back ground

For every artist’s palette.


Etchings, sketchings,

Lines and hills

Dips and gullies




But the dips and gullies are what the artist paints

Not creates

Emboldening, highlighting

What the Earth means.



Artist supporting Artist

Touching Earth


Not with hot wax

Not with lye

But with a soft touch.




Artist supporting Artist

Installations in a room

Not the audience

Not the fans and supporters

But the objects d’art.


The room being the crucible

Into which each person puts

The contents

Of every human’s palette.


Emotions, perceptions

Likes and dislikes

Preferences and prejudices



But the preferences and prejudices are what the artist erases

Not installs

Enlightening, Clarifying

What the Person means.



Artist supporting Artist

Supporting humanity


Not with money

Not with ideas

But with inspiration.




Artist supporting Artist supporting Humanity

In a world

Where peoples of many lands

Many colours and hues


To touch earth

To get back to basics

To remember past and recognise present

To recharge their batteries


For the future.






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Tue 24th Nov 2009 20:43

This poem for me describes what I've found within WOL. An environment where you can share your work, your ideas, yourself with others and gain validation and inspiration. If that makes me sound like a bit of a 'luvvie', I'm sorry - it's just how I feel. So many people on here, with different backgrounds, life experiences, all linked by the love of Art and language. Thank you.

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