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Spiteful out of envy

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I am going to do something completely out of spite

i know it's bad it makes me sad it's definetley not right

It's something inside me that takes over when i'm jealous

this certian urge causes me to become rebellious

I will regret this in the future and i will be sorry

as for now i'l do it proud and not have to worry

I apologise in advanced for this 

You'll find out some day 


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Workplace Gossip Causes ' Issues' . . I'm not a fan of the gossips who sit back and watch the chaos unfold . . this is about that



Gossipygossipygossipygossipy . . . gossip


GOSSIPS !!    Shhhhhhhhhhhsh


Have you heard ?

It's the . . shame its a shame game

Where no-one's to blame

No-one with any

Particular Name . . not really

Not now . ...

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