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I Find Beauty in Whats Different

true beauty comes from the radiance and uniqueness of something standing out like a fire lit in the night sky... what i find beautiful, is something different. something that is unlike anything or anyone else. it'll stand out.. have a purpose, a meaning, or just something beautifully different to look and find interest in.. something that has so many more "shades" and colors rather than just one. ...

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She Makes You Feel Alive, But She's Dead Inside

Looking at her will make you feel so alive
It's the opposite for her, because she's dead inside 
She's tired of pain so she sits alone and hides
Up in her room with the music on no one hears her cries 
She doesn't think about suicide, just always hopes she dies
Another thing gone wrong, but she's use to that, so she just shakes her head as she sighs
Wishing she didnt have to live in a world ...

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Hurt People Hurt People - She Sets Fire to the Kind That hurt Her

she used to be so damn happy
but i guess theres more than the eyes can see
because if im speaking truthfully
she was never really that happy
amused? shit, just maybe
that she was terribly
thats all she began to know, you see,
the abuse began from a young age
the very peak of her growing stage
the beginning of the book that told her story
was marked and torn from the ...

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Sometimes it's hard to see the light whenever you're surrounded by darkness

Have you ever felt the type of pain from looking in the mirror and not being able to recognize yourself?

Looking into your own eyes and at your own face and you say "Who is this?"

I've lost myself, yes, I'm afraid I do need some help...

But help from where? I've already been here, and I've been there...


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