Hurt People Hurt People - She Sets Fire to the Kind That hurt Her

she used to be so damn happy
but i guess theres more than the eyes can see
because if im speaking truthfully
she was never really that happy
amused? shit, just maybe
that she was terribly
thats all she began to know, you see,
the abuse began from a young age
the very peak of her growing stage
the beginning of the book that told her story
was marked and torn from the first page
as she got older she looked back in rage
all others would see was this rampage
of pain
perhaps she'd only become looked at by others with disdain 
others with their judgement lit her fire even brighter like propane 
each person and each place she left her mark, left like a stain
troubled thoughts and feelings left on her brain
feeling so 
so insane
thats what they called her
they thought her to be inhumane
but really truly
she was the only one sane
if only they knew her pain
she always missed
past memories that were good
wishes she could've kissed
her baby sister one more time, wish others understood
why does she even exist
in a place where she is so goddamn misunderstood 
wish she could
but instead she stands alone feeling pissed
looking around, with her clenched up fists
in the midst 
of a room full of people
who are filled with so much hate and so much evil
she cant help but feel deceitful 
when these stupid fucking people
have no remorse for their evil
she wants to make this world more equal
but in her work, it's impossible to be done peaceful..
with each move, she is lethal
all to see is choas, 
to us
acts left unspeakable 
but only, to the evil..
till the word balances, to her, to be equal..
but instead, she then causes a sequal 
because hurt people hurt people..
this world is incapable of us being equal.

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