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The light at the end of the never-ending tunnel.    

The worlds way of fueling us with counterfeit hope. 

The missing pieces of the saddest ever puzzle.      

The forgotten punchline of a humorless joke.        

The untied shoelace that causes a slip and stumble. 

The handful of cheap whiskey and the line of coke.  

The meaningful words hidden deep inside a mumble. ...

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Something lost

Plants were green as a glory
Found in the deepest forests
Feelings were taken over
Confusion was left alone in the dark
Just a glance
Would never be enough

Flesh should have been stronger
It couldn't run with the light
Many words have been left unsaid
Therefore, circumstances turned
Into unexpected fantasy

Suspisious silence knocked at the door
It put fading signs on the paper

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Just your words on paper, nothing much,

random thoughts of daily life.

What if this was the last letter on earth?

Worth the world then or in my possession

if I was stranded far away on the moon

would your words be my lifeline and save me?

Or prolong my agony, make my stay there my Hell?

A curse or a blessing in my hands now.


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your letterwords for memeaningfulonly me left

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