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my first time

sounds of humming crickets overlay the morning dew

cold seeps through your jeans 

eyes of disregard survey 

you cover your chest

stained with black

you swallow and moan 

then leave in red


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Sniffing Around

The husbands

Of the divorced women

Drinking and watching the girls

Sitting with their dates

With legs apart in short skirts


Evenings of the lonely men

Strolling behind lazy women

Watching the rhythm of the buttocks…

Often narrate the same story again

And again, without any pause


The husbands, lonely or alone

With or without glasses in hands

Remain dru...

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Her Spot(s)

Hitting your Spot 
I know the spot 

That makes you hot 

I'll push those buttons 
Until all of a sudden 

Your skin will blush
Your pussy will gush

In you with every hump
Your flesh riddled with goosebumps

Eyes rolling back and toes curl
Thats right I take care of my girl

You explode with pleasure 
that cannot be measured 

That's it Baby 
let me drive you crazy 

Give y...

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We out of my Berlin Tokyo War Hearts book



We don't talk now but we once did. I was there when it all went wrong; a ghost, spirit or spectre? No just me. I saw you argue with your wife, knew you'd blame me and be vicious. A Jack Russell. Who's the postman?                                                                                                             


You threw stuff, broke a picture on the wall. Threa...

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