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Should we spend our time just looking back?
And replay our lives all painted black?
Should we say 'What if's...?' or 'If only... '
To explain why we are sad and lonely?

So do not be angry with the past.
Try making your contentment last.
Don't be impatient. Do not fret.
And with the life you've led don't be upset.

So don't be cross. Don't be a quitter,
And of what has happened do not b...

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Stuart VannerRetrospectionHopeLooking back

Looking back...

If we look back in time and see
All those who brought us misery,
Should we hate or should we forgive?
With which of these should we now live?

Shall we find peace or be embittered?
Shall our minds be clear or with troubles littered?
Should we in joy or sadness wallow?
And which of these paths should we follow?

Shall we resolve to be dejected?
And accept when have been rejected?

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Stuart VannerLooking back

Remembering The Garden

I've been remembering the garden
we once tended
I've been thinking of the petals
that fell each autumn
I've been working through the list
of things we said but never did

And the rains that fell upon our garden
and the snow that covered all
O, that snow...

I've been remembering the garden
we once enjoyed
I've allowed myself some moments
to reflect with clarity
I've been feeling sad...

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thinking backlooking back


There was a man I knew,

not too close, not too far,

as a child he was there

to tend to my scars.


A man with a past,

of that I had no doubt,

a man, when provoked,

who knew how to shout.


A happy man

with a smile for all,

he'd always be there to

pick me up when I'd fall.


And though never far away,

we were never very close,

a sign of those times


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Moving On

Moving On

staring through the window
at that dark and dismal place
where shadows danced and jittered
and a stranger had my face
I was shocked, but not surprised, to find
my future hopes would never last
if I stayed gazing in the mirror
and obsessing with the past

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