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Once Wooded Streets

Set down the suit, remove the shoes

Lose the socks and like new peruse

The grass between each toe.

Let the light, as giver of life

Flow over and caress the skin,

Warming without and healing within;

Find peace among the leaves.


Heart exposed, in feeling know

There is much more here than eyes can show,

Look past the brown and green

To realms unseen, where happiness...

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life and naturerhyme


Hush now little seedling

Don't be afraid of the dark

You're going to grow and flourish

I'm giving you the best start.

You're going to be so beautiful

and do such wonderous things

You could be a saviour 

lets see what summer brings.

It's going to take some time

So be patient through the rain

You're part of a whole forest

Nature's whispering campaign.

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growthgrowing seedlife and nature

Full Moon Rebirth

A bit of witchiness for today's full moon in Aquarius


Your time has come

Your star has risen

All past mistakes

Have now been forgiven

Inspiration and luck

Will surely follow

There's brand new hope

For a brighter tomorrow

You have persevered

The prize is your power

You were once a seed 

Now you're a flower

Be ready & alert

In time with the season


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full moonmagical realismlife and nature

Moth in Moonlight

Now outgrown the cradle

Of my coccoon

No longer fearful

What the dark conceals

For my wings are headed

To what the moon reveals

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life and natureinspired by our world around me

Lion within

The Many Faces of Spirit Wind 

I told the lion in me to quiet down cause it had a loud roar 

The environment I was in encouraged me to let it out 

But I was not ready to explore 

A side of me that had red eyes and was engulfed in flames 

Cause I didn’t learn how to tame 

And maintain that energy 

So I kept quiet as the I let the hyenas pass me around 

Letting the fire burn 


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life and naturelovehealingpoetry and mental health

Nature's Lullaby

The thrash of the ocean waves against the stony cliff,

The drumming of a hummingbird’s heart as it laps in the nectar of a gulmohar,

The howl of the summer breeze as fruit laden mango branches sway to the moonlight’s music,

The crunch of the autumn leaves beneath my feet as I walk under a canopy of golden maple leaves,

The pitter patter of rain drops against the lotus leaf as they slip...

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life and nature

Hunt of the Men to rule cycle

Into the vortex of timeless end
Where no other creature has yet begun
Turning from a rhythmic flute
The rabbit jumps into chutes
Darkness appears from the back of earth
No light shines longer yonder the pearl
Smoke derives from umbilical butterfly
Trapped beneath the Cheshire cat sign
Gulping milk to fasten bloom
Cookie crumbs, sugar rush delusion
To enter, only inception of living

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Fantasyfantasy realmsAlice In Wonderlandmenstrul cyclelife and naturecycle of lifepath of lifehuman journey





Away across the green from the council houses

is a small open field with a pond and a dry stone wall.

Fifty years ago this land was all like that – open and free.

Now that land is gone, replaced by bricks and concrete

with no personality and no life at all.

All that is left is the single field with its myriad of life.

More of a puddle tha...

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life and naturepondwaterurban development

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