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an-Nakbah 1948-2023

Just to make myself perfectly clear from:

"To be a Jew means always being with the oppressed, never with the oppressors.”

Marek Edelman – last surviving leader, Warsaw ghetto uprising.


By way of contrast, this from Ntanyahu: “Israel is not a state of all its citizens… [but rather] the nation-state of the Jewish people and only them”. Israel...

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lawapartheidcrime against humanityhuman rights

For the Many-not the Few!



The Tories all from under their stones,

The UK’s now corrupt to its bones,

New normal moral squalor,

As our poor face daily horror,

Human Rights? Brits are on their Jack Jones!

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InjusticeresistanceToriescorruptionHuman Rights

Freedom of movement

While out borders are closing, they violate human rights in full. The European freedom of movement is now violated, we are locked in our countries. 

citizen of a state in which that citizen is present has the liberty to travel, reside in, and/or work in any part of the state where one pleases within the limits of respect for the liberty and rights of others,[3] and that a citizen also ha...

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The Peoples Song

Come let us sing the peoples song,

We'll chant it as we march along.

A new world order has come in,

So people, Dance and sing.

So people, Dance and sing.


Wave your banners against the skies.

Shout slogans that mesmerize.

The people are one!

The people want fun!

They want someone to idolize.

They want someone to idolize.


When the peoples choice ...

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change the worlddemonstrationshuman rightsprotests

Human Writes, A Poem About Protecting Human Rights

You spit "Nay"


in our "Ayes"


to express


your oppress-


sive nature.




Nothing new-


old tea brewed;


spring cleaning-


first inning.




Soul-less laws




human rights,


to sell slaves.




Bordered walls


paved with blood-


stained bodies,


buried below.


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freedomhuman rightslawswomens rights

I address to the garverment of my country

You, morons, with the wood brain,
Sawdust your heads contain,
Listen to me, you damn bloody fools,
Lift your asses from the stools!
Go! Toddle of hobble to do good deeds!
Grow fruitful seeds!
Moderate your own greed!
Find out what people need! 
Feed the children and old men!
Heal the children from cancer and then
Build the roads and give the gas!
I want my country to be superclass.

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lifegarvermenthuman rightshuman condition

The human race

The world has become more fluid.

So many sources flowing out at the top of each mountain

Streaming down the gullies, 

babbling brook,

to scuttling stream,

to rambling river,

out onto the delta,

Into the ocean.

Everything mixed and turned,

rolled and crushed

Whirlpool and flood,

tsunami and tidal.

It all takes place on this earth

and we all learn to live it, t...

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human rights




Consider all the unconceived, they neither toil nor spin

Till called upon by selfish act of grossly unoriginal sin.

You read those lines and smile, perhaps, at whimsy’s gentle play

But Human Rights’ first law should be: ALL life may life gainsay.

By inference those who have reached cognized fertility

Should bow before the unconceived – the being yet to be.


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