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The Peoples Song

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Come let us sing the peoples song,

We'll chant it as we march along.

A new world order has come in,

So people, Dance and sing.

So people, Dance and sing.


Wave your banners against the skies.

Shout slogans that mesmerize.

The people are one!

The people want fun!

They want someone to idolize.

They want someone to idolize.


When the peoples choice appears,

All the folk are going to cheer.

He'll act like a god and a king.

He's going to abolish sin.

He's going to abolish sin.


Oh many vile lies have been told.

Oh many lost souls have been sold.

But now that we humans have rights

The future will be so bright.

The future will be so bright.


So proud people of the world unite,

Never mind the wrong or the right.

Just sing the song and you'll belong,

As you march into the night.

As you march into the night.


change the worlddemonstrationshuman rightsprotests

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<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 6th Nov 2019 10:15

Don - out of 5.

I think Po is referring to a sort of catchphrase used by Janice Nicholls from Wednesbury who had a strong Black Country accent. She was a regular 'member of public' panellist on a 60's show called Thank Your Lucky Stars who had to give new record releases marks out of 5. She quite regularly said "It's gorra good beat and oi'll give foive'

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Don Matthews

Wed 6th Nov 2019 09:00

5 out of what Po?

I liked the beat box backing Fish. Only thing missing was the bouncing ball to help me sing along with you.


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Tue 5th Nov 2019 17:32

Hi Keith - Your response was so quick I think you must have read the song before I managed to post the audio up?
As for buying it, save your money, See behind and beyond the placards and think through the slogans.
Go well

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keith jeffries

Tue 5th Nov 2019 17:20

Wonderfully hopeful and idealistic but I’ll buy it.

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