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Hunt of the Men to rule cycle

Into the vortex of timeless end
Where no other creature has yet begun
Turning from a rhythmic flute
The rabbit jumps into chutes
Darkness appears from the back of earth
No light shines longer yonder the pearl
Smoke derives from umbilical butterfly
Trapped beneath the Cheshire cat sign
Gulping milk to fasten bloom
Cookie crumbs, sugar rush delusion
To enter, only inception of living

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Natalie is a unique lady who we can all identify with. She's a warrior woman who fought in the Malvinas/Falklands war and was badly wounded. Many of her friends were murdered for having different views, they were a few of The Disappeared. Over time she believes in peace and moves away from war. Natalie has a goth band and a red stunt aeroplane both called Mayo. Check Nat's story out. She ...

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