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Christmas Angels

Their existence on earth

Often so quizzical

A little eccentric

More ethric

Than physical

Sometimes they're

With us

Our lives 

They do touch

When others 

Dismiss us

Their smile

Means so much

They're guiding

Through life

From the smooth

To the rough

Reminding lost


That they are

Good enough

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4th day of Christmasguardian angel

Look No Further

Look No Further 

I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low 
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now on your way child go.

I need someone to help me
Whenever I go wrong,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child run along.'

I need someone to be there
To help me every day,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child on your way'

I need someone to be with me
To make sur...

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Christianguardian angelJesuslordHeavenly Father

my mummy

I'm gonna talk about a woman who I can only describe as my world my universe
my brightest light tonic backbone my nurse
even in black she has more colours than a rainbow
brighter than the moonlight the sunshine she makes the rain go
when I'm told that I'm magic and I'm gifted
it's coz of her though keeps me uplifted
iv been so low
but never solo
she is the light that attracts lig...

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MothersDaymumguardian angel

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