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Spic, wetback, beaner,

Border rat, pepper-belly, orange picker,

Names commonplace now

For Latinos and Hispanics,


Used to break,

Used to hurt,

Used to kill,

The orators:

Ignorance, Malice, Contempt

But most importantly


Fear of what is different,

Fear of what is great,

Fear of what has always been great,

For the sun shone for centuries

On ...

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War Boys

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War Boys


We’re going to war boys,
we’re going to war,
Lord Kitchener asked us
so we formed a corps.
Joe and Jack from the factory,
Ted and Jim from the farm,
the recruiting sergeant assures us
that there’s little chance of harm.
We’re part of the great pals army
and we’ve fallen for his charm
as we march away to war.

We’re in the war boys,
we’re in the ...

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